Retrieving Pics from dropped laptop.

  Conny 22:33 03 Jun 2011

Hi all, my daughter has dropped her laptop. Sony Viao, O/S Vista and can't access her pictures on Picassa. There are probably other things she can't access but her pictures are of her two children and she doesn't have a back up copy. Someone suggested taking the H/D out and connecting to her new laptop with a cable. Can anyone give me more information so I can help her to retrieve them? Many thanks in advance because I know you always come up trumps.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:54 03 Jun 2011

  1. will it boot?
    1. if sector is damaged on drive and pics are in that sector then ulikely to retrive

    2. If wo'nt boot then fit in external case and connect to another machine but make sure you get correct case depending on drive connection its probably a SATA sata case but if the machine is more than 3/4 years old maybe a IDE

  Conny 22:58 03 Jun 2011

Thanks Fruitbat. Not sure if its quite 4 years old. I've only spoken to her on the phone so not sure if it will boot up either, just putting out the feelers for info till I can find out more. Will let you know more when I have it.

  mole44 04:56 04 Jun 2011

A salutary lesson here about backup,go get a clickfree gadget there cheap easy to use and of course use it,i`ve got the dongle that plugs into an external hard drive.I have no connection with clickfree but a backup is good advice anyway, perhaps to late in this case.

  muddypaws 08:42 04 Jun 2011

Tip for the future is to upload all photos to Picasa web albums for an easy back up solution.

  onthelimit1 08:57 04 Jun 2011

I use an adaptor like this It can connect any HDD (SATA/IDE - 2.5/3.5) to the usb port of a PC.

  Conny 00:51 05 Jun 2011

Hi Guys, thanks for the replies so far. Unfortunately I can't get the PC to Boot Up. Ive tried in safe mode,and repair mode and also with command prompt, (except I didn't get any prompts), I've even tried 'Last Known Good Configuration' but all to no avail. On opening the back I discovered how easy it is to remove the Hard Drive. The writing is very small but I could see ATA in bold lettering on it. Could I plug this into a HP Pavillion desktop using the ribbon cable inside or will the pin configuration be different? I have a feeling it won't boot up because the Internal Optical Drive could be out of alignment,is this easy for a repair shop to correct and if so what price would she be looking at?

  Nontek 05:56 05 Jun 2011

Perhaps the drive simply got jerked slightly out of position, have you tried giving the drive a bit of a push to make sure it is completely in its connection point?

  Conny 22:32 05 Jun 2011

Just want to bump this back up in case anyone else can help. Cheers.

  retep888™ 22:55 05 Jun 2011

Could I plug this into a HP Pavillion desktop using the ribbon cable inside or will the pin configuration be different?

No, you can't ,the connection is different.

You can get one of these USB TO SATA IDE CABLE / ADAPTER to connect it & plug it into your HP Pavillion desktop thru' USB.

Good luck.

  Conny 01:17 06 Jun 2011

Thanks 'onthelimit' and 'retep888' for those links. Does this mean the Desktop would see it as a 'Removable Drive' and I could then open it and transfer what files are on the drive into a folder on the desktop?

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