Retrieving photo's from SDHC card

  Trepan 19:30 08 Jan 2014

After many aborted attempts to retrieve some 475 photos from an 8gb sdhc card which has become (?)corrupted I have downloaded the free demo version of ZAR 9.2 as recommended in this publication and it has now been running for 5.5hrs completing just 39% of the scan "Volume analysis" and all the signs on the "Volume Map" are in red = "Bad Sectors"- so some help as seems it is going to take another 8 hours just to do this so does that sound acceptable?

What happens after all this has been done?

We have managed to download to the PC about 50% of the photo's the others are either blank or are showing only a % of the actual photo. The strange thing is that all of the photo's (thumb nails)can be viewed on the camera's screen - Nikon D40 and I should say it took over 2 hours to do that when normally on my PC it takes no more than 2/3 mins.

  iscanut 20:22 08 Jan 2014

Sounds like a very long time to me. Have a look at this program, may be better/quicker ?

click here

  hssutton 20:42 08 Jan 2014

Did you select "Image Recovery" in the Select Recovery Type, then make sure you select the correct drive. Zar 9.2 is one of the best image recovery programs around. It sounds as though you have selected one of your hard drives instead of your flash card.

Just a small point but the image recovery part is free, not a trial.

  BRYNIT 20:46 08 Jan 2014

Never tried it but you could try RaidLabs File Uneraser 2.1 it's free for today from CLICK HERE just install/activate today and try it when you have time you've got nothing to loose.

  hssutton 21:19 08 Jan 2014

I've just run a test using a 32Gb compactflash card, it's taken exactly 35 minutes to recover 1362 20gb photo files.

  Trepan 21:56 08 Jan 2014

Wow that was quick thank you all for your time. I will check out the two programs suggested.

hssutton - I am not at all certain I selected that option indeed given the program is shown as ZAR 9.2 build2 (Limited demo version) Volume analysis in progress I might just have hit the wrong button - however it is reporting on the 'Volume Map' that I am looking at that all sectors are 'Bad' However I am sure though that I have not chosen one of my hard drives.

So the question is do I abort this run and start again given that on present performance it is likely to take another 5 HOURS!

  hssutton 22:17 08 Jan 2014


just hit the Exit button, bottom right. It's almost a certainty that you are trying to scan your hard drive, so just select the Exit tab. Now go to "My computer" (I'm assuming you have a card reader) check the drive letter of your reader, In my case it's 'N'. If you are downloading from your camera that will be listed

Now start up Zar and select the top tab labelled Image Recovery Free. Zan will now do a quick scan of your PC and list all your drives. A new box will open listing your drives, now select your card reader. (in my case 'N'listed as fat 32) Then click next. Zar will now start the recovery of your photos. However there is a possibility that some of your photos could be corrupt.

  Trepan 22:17 08 Jan 2014

Further info: - I have increased the "Skip factor, sectors" setting to 32 and the process speed has increased. It was set on 1 originally and I guess that was the reason for this marathon. Not sure what happens next but we will see - oh the joys of being a non-techie sort!!

  hssutton 22:42 08 Jan 2014

I always use a Skip factor of 1. I think you need to exit and start again.

  Trepan 23:12 08 Jan 2014

Hit the wall now process finished with the following Error Message

Program will now terminate - "Thread Fault Monitor Thread"

Time to go to bed methinks and start again tomorrow....

  Morgen123 07:31 13 Jan 2014

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