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  Bodi 10:28 19 Aug 2003

I would like to retrieve a rather important Email from my "D" drive which has Windows 98SE installed - although not in use at present.

I have installed Windows XP on my "C" drive and it appears to have deleted the Address Book and all emails on "D" drive.

Is there any way, short of uninstalling XP of retrieving the emails?

Would very much appreciate any help on this.


  Bodi 10:29 19 Aug 2003

Windows XP Home Edition was an upgrade.


  Bellboy 10:42 19 Aug 2003

Try searching for *.DBX on drive D.
If this will not open in notepad. (not in same format as Oulook Exp. though), you could note where it is located in win 98se, and copy it to corresponding file in XP.

  Bodi 11:56 19 Aug 2003

Unfortunately this does not appear to work.

Tried a search of drive "D" with various combinations and eventually searched manually, but the only name in the address book is one made from Drive "C" and XP, and this applies to emails too. Everything else seems to have been deleted.


  seedie 12:13 19 Aug 2003

Have you tried a file recovery program. If you haven't written much or defragged d: then you stand a fair chance with PC Inspector file recovery. Other than that :(

  Bodi 13:24 19 Aug 2003

I do have a file recovery program, but it seems when I installed XP on my C drive, it deleted all the emails, addresses etc. I don't know why it did this on the drives which contained Windows 98SE.

Will have a go at your suggestion and see what happens. Thank you.


  Bellboy 13:58 19 Aug 2003

All my DBX files are in Windows>Application Data>Identities>(*******)>Microsoft>Outlook Express.
If you have access to D, navigate the above to see if there is anything there. As Seedie says, if you have not overwritten the files, a recovery program should be able to restore them.

  xania 14:26 19 Aug 2003

I doubt you'll have any joy at all. What I have discovered is that, no matter how many copies of your address book is on your PC, when you re-install or make any changes the system finds and updates them all. Can't understand why you can't see your e-mails though. Try making your D:\ active and reboot into that drive. That should now give you access to your e-mails. If not, it sounds to me that you have overwritten the database and that's the end of the story. All I can offer is that there are a number of packages around that will save a backup of your e-mails, address book etc and you might like to invest in the likes of click here to avoid future problems.

  Bodi 15:35 19 Aug 2003

I bought a new motherboard and hard drive and installed Windows 98SE. Unfortunately, I had problems with the motherboard and 98SE. To overcome this problem, I installed an upgrade of Win XP over the top of the 98SE on the new hard drive. The two other drives with 98SE were left intact. (I always keep a spare problem free O/S on another drive for safety.)

I purposely did not format the other drives until XP was up and running properly. XP automatically updated itself with newest explorer etc, otherwise nothing else was installed. It would seem that XP has removed all emails, addresses etc from the other drives.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:24 19 Aug 2003

click here might be worth a punt.


  Bodi 08:09 20 Aug 2003

I'm going to tick it. I would appear that Windows XP interferes with every drive on the system, irrespective of what O/S is installed. I find this infuriating as I was extremely careful to leave the original drives intact.

I will now manually go through my system and see how many more files have been deleted.

Thank you to all who replied - I will attempt to retrieve the files via a retrieval program.


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