Retrieving deleted e-mails

  taffjones 07:33 08 May 2009

Does anybody know if you can retrieve deleted e-mails from MS Outlook? I inadvertently deleted important e-mails and have now discovered that the 'Deleted Items' have also been deleted. My ISP is BT. Is it a case of buying some software in an attempt to retrieve the e-mails?
Anybody's help would be greatly appreciated.

  Graham. 07:51 08 May 2009

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  birdface 08:53 08 May 2009

I have never tried this program and it does not say anything about e-mails so maybe wait and see if anyone can give you further advice,

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  Marko797 10:00 08 May 2009

Similarly, in a way, my ISP is AOL, and naturally have email a/c with them. However, like u, I use MS Outlook for email. I have set up Outlook to receive email which is sent to my AOL email, and this comes through whenever any email is sent to me.

OK, given that your isp is BT, is it the case that you have a email address? If so, it may well be the case that the mail which u deleted in Outlook, could still be on the BT server in your BT email a/c.

For example, if I delete email in Outlook, it doesn't automatically delete from AOL. Might be worth logging in to the BT email, if you have one (& I suspect you have) and seeing if the mail is there.

  Marko797 10:02 08 May 2009

I think will only work if, in Outlook, you have set it up whereby a copy of the email is left on the ISP server.

  taffjones 11:39 09 May 2009

Thank you all for your replies. I'll see if I can get hold of my BT account online and do it that way.
Many Thanks

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