retrieving AOL email in OE

  Tom123 13:59 04 May 2004

Please could you tell me if it is possible to retrieve email from my AOL acccount using OE and it would be easier as i can have multiple accounts on my OE that way. I have tried setting it up and it is asking for incomming and out going Pop3 server and i cant find those details anywhere on the AOL site. If anyone has this information, please could you let me know. thank you very much.


  ScaryMary 14:16 04 May 2004

I am using AOL 8 so it might be different in your version. Go to AOL Help menu click on get help with Email, scroll down to bottom of menu FAQ. Click "Can I use other email software with AOL" double click this will then open another window with a link to AOL IMAP. Follow instruction, I haven't tried this myself so cannot vouch for how it works. Best of luck.

  bertiecharlie 15:25 04 May 2004

Just to add. Set up the and the as advised by AOL Help but change the port given as 25 to 587. (Can't remember if that's the incoming or outgoing port. The other one is 143 and that's correct). You also have to tick the box "Server requires authentification." I have a link to the AOL Help page at home which describes the procedure for setting up Outlook Express and will post it later if required.

On AOL 9.0, before changing the port number to 587, my emails appeared to be sent from Outlook Express but than vanished into thin air. Not one was received.

  bertiecharlie 21:10 05 May 2004

click here in response to your email. Sorry for the delay, just picked up your email.


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