Retrieve Data from slave hard disk to maste

  [DELETED] 20:14 22 Jan 2006

I had a new system put together and upgraded widows from 98 to XP. My new system is working great. My old hard drive (drive c:)was also built into my new pc box, because I could'nt do back up before I had to have the rebuild done.
I need to retrieve data from winfax pro and outlook express (especially e-mail addresses and address book , numbers, etc.
Can somebody please advise on how to get those data back and the prehaps format the old HHD and also will it still be save to use the old hard drive for not so often use file or programs?
Old Drive is 40gb and new 80 gb.
Hope my request is clear enough

  Strawballs 21:19 22 Jan 2006

Have you tried searching for it because XP can read FAT32 I did the same all I did was transfer everything that I wanted to the new one and then formatted it through disc management in administrators tools

  [DELETED] 19:27 23 Jan 2006

As Strawballs has said above, try searching for the drive in windows explorer. It will possibly be drive D assuming that your new drive was not partitioned into smaller drives.

When you have found it you can copy over the data you want to keep to your new drive. Any programs you have installed on the old drive will have to be reinstalled to the new version of XP even if whoever rebuilt your computer has used the old operating system.

  [DELETED] 20:32 23 Jan 2006

Thanks for your response.
I have managesd to transfer all data and software to my new hhd. I just could'nt retrieve my outlook express' addresses. I'll probably have to live with it.

Can I now just format my old (slave) drive by right clicking and FORMAT on the drive:E? and if so what can I use this second drive for? (remember i'm new to this experience) Will i be able to store for example movies on it and write to software on my c-drive?

I almost did the format thing, but something prevent me from doing so!!!
The e drive is partition: 0 and FAT 32 The main c-drive is partition: 0 and NTFS. Does that mean anythibg serious?

  [DELETED] 20:40 23 Jan 2006

Drive D is disc 1 basic 38 GB FAT32 (active)
drive C is disc 0 basic 74 GB NTFC (Sysrem)

Both 'healthy' according to Computer Management

  [DELETED] 23:57 23 Jan 2006

To find your Outlook Express addresses - search for *.wab files. The one in the copy of your old drive is the one you need.

Then open OE and do File - Import - and follow the wizard through for importing the address book. You'll know where to find it from the search you just did.

Win XP can work with both NTFS and FAT32 partitions, with no problems. As NTFS is a *better* file system, you might like to consder changing your old drive to NTFS - but it's not essential.

Formatting your old drive should be starightforward - if it isn't post back with exactly what happens oif it doesn't work.

  [DELETED] 20:03 24 Jan 2006

Thanks guys for your response!
I have formatted the D drive successfully and also retriebved my email addresses. This is such a great forum. Thanks again.

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