Retract a sent E-Mail.

  Derries 16:28 10 Feb 2006

Is there any way to retract an e-mail that has been sent to the wrong person.Thank you.

  Skyver 16:30 10 Feb 2006

Not unless you are using AOL or you know the other persons email password.

  Diemmess 16:50 10 Feb 2006

I thought a wrong e-mail address was just as deadly and irrevocable with Aol?

  interzone55 16:53 10 Feb 2006

There is a protocol for retarcting emails, but it's not supported by all ISPs.

  Skyver 16:53 10 Feb 2006

It was part of some AOL blurb I saw recently but all I can found right now is this; click here
Only works if the sender and recipient use AOL.

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