Rethink on completely new PC -SSD - Office 365/Office 2013

  compumac 15:39 09 Oct 2014

Following on from helping a neighbour to decide as to the purchase of a new PC, I looked at my computer needs/usage and have decided to have a complete clear out of current PCs and rethink as to what I really use. To that end I would pose :

1) SSD drive - where it is indicated that they are far faster than SATA are there any drawbacks apart from the price and what would be considered a minimum size? I currently have only 89GB for all of my existing programmes.

2) Choosing a new Microsoft Office package, I currently use Word, Excel, Outlook and Access. There are seemingly two options:

Office for Business although does not include Access - for £219


Office 365 which does include Access for an annual subscription of £59.99. It would seem that you take on the subscription and if you decide to cancel the annual subscription then you are required to remove the programme from your PC.

From a previous posting it seems that others use Outlook for all of their contacts, so I could consider using Outlook for that purpose and forget Access.

Any thoughts on any of the above?

  Ian in Northampton 15:57 09 Oct 2014

compumac: only that, classically, you'd configure your SSD to host your operating system and programs, and keep your data on a 'regular' drive. That way, you can have a relatively small - and inexpensive - SSD. It's only really the operating system and programs that benefit from the much faster access an SSD provides.

  wee eddie 16:59 09 Oct 2014

It appears that all 365 documents are stored on line, which will reduce your storage required even more

  compumac 17:03 09 Oct 2014

Ian in Northampton.

It would be my intention that the SSd drive would only have the operating system and programmes contained on it

wee eddie

Was not aware that 365 documents are stored online. I would not want that, I require my documents with me and only me.

  wee eddie 17:13 09 Oct 2014

I think that you can get 365 for £79 for 4 years OEM.

  wee eddie 17:13 09 Oct 2014

I think that you can get 365 for £79 for 4 years OEM.

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