Retarts when access audio CD

  binkitone 12:50 22 Jan 2005

Recently access to the CD drive with an audio disk displays message; "Desktop Access to the specified device,path, or file is denied" or "The device is not ready" an audio CD track selected for play automatically restarts, yet if I use 'InterVideo WinDVD 5' I can play audio tracks, but not with other players such as 'RealPlayer'. Switching off the 'Startup and Recovery' option and again selecting to play a track directly produces the 'blue-screen' message;"***STOP:0x00000026(0x000401F0,0xBBF85060,0XBBF85060,0XBBF84CB8,0XEB4B0563)*** Address EB4B0563 Base at EB4B0000, DateStamp 3e9e6a66-GEARAspiWDM. Beginning dump of physical memory Physical memory dump complete. Contact your system administrator or technical support group." I am none the wiser as it use to work?

  ACOLYTE 12:55 22 Jan 2005

Sounds like there maybe a conflict between the programs that wont to play music cd's there may be more than one app that is accosiated with music on the pc and when you insert a cd each one is fighting to start it,can you try to accociate it with just one app?,also it could be that the cd player is not quite as good as it was and is taking a while to spin up on disk insertion.

  binkitone 13:59 22 Jan 2005

ACOLYTE, thanks for the response. I have a 'PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-107D' drive with WIN2K OS which use to work with audio CDs, it will crash sometimes even when I eject a disc. Either I remove all associated media software and reinstall 'RealPlayer' or are there specific drivers other than standard WIN2K? I agree there appears to be a conflict introduced at sometime.

  ACOLYTE 14:03 22 Jan 2005

I have the same DVD drive and have just upgrade the firmware to 1.21 from 1.10 although i wasnt having the same problems,i have a cd/rw drive i play music from on the odd occasion i put a cd in,lol.

  binkitone 14:22 22 Jan 2005

How do I check the version of the firmware and upgrade if it necessary. I am able to write DVD and CD ok, but unable to us a rewritable disc, don't know if this is related.

  ACOLYTE 15:13 22 Jan 2005

Goto device manager click your dvd drive select properties then click the details tab at the top
you should see it there should say somthing like

the 1.21 or whatever yours is is the firmware version.

  binkitone 17:23 22 Jan 2005

Well I have updated the firmware with (UPGDVD.exe)Utility ver 1.86 from current rev>PIONEER DVD-RW DUR-107D 1.10 04/02/12.
I have removed as much related software I can find and even use MS CD Player ver.5. Soon after I have inserted an audio disc, spins for 10sec then crashes and restarts. The drivers are Windows latest version. Yet, if (after I re-installed)I use 'inter-Video WinDVD Platinum Player' it plays an audio tracks perfectly?
I'm lost on this, maybe re-install Windows2K, bur that seems drastic. Apreciate any help.

  binkitone 17:11 04 Feb 2005

Finally discovered the conflict;"DVD X Maker", from PC Advisor December Cover Disc, removed now I can use audio CD discs again.

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