Retaining a Lineone e-mail address

  anchor 15:15 13 Oct 2011

About 10 years ago I signed up to a Lineone (PAYG) dial up account. I mainly wanted a lineone e-mail address which I have kept and used over this whole period, and has been a useful secondary address for me.

As we all know Lineone was taken over by Tiscali, who in turn was bought out by Talk Talk. Every month I have dialled up the original number for connecting to Lineone, (0845 661 4681), using my user name and original password, keeping the connection open for a couple of minutes. This has ensured the account is still valid, and has worked for over a decade.

About 2 weeks ago I was unable to receive e-mail sent to [email protected] A message informed me that my present password was not secure enough, and I needed to change it to something more secure. This I did, and now my lineone messages come through.

Last weekend it was that time in the month to dial up their server. At first I forgot to change the password in the dial up connection, and of course I could not connect. I have changed the password but still cannot connect; I even created a new connection, but to no avail.

I have searched the TalkTalk site to try to find a support number for dialup connections. I did find one, 0870 444 1820, but on calling this a recording asked me to enter the full phone number used when establishing the account. I did this, but the recording said this number was not recognised, and offered no further assistance or suggestions. I guess the records don`t go back that far.

Can any one help, and give me some advice, or a correct Talk Talk support number for dial-up connections, (with a person at the other end).

  Batch 17:48 13 Oct 2011

I'm in a similar situation (in that I still have a LineOne PAYG account, which has a LineOne email address and a couple of Tiscali email addressess hanging off it.

I think that if you try dialling the 0845 661 4681 no. from your telephone handset you'll get a message saying that this number does not accept calls from withheld nos. (even if your phone isn't withholding your no.). So this is why you cannot connect and creating a new connection won't help. BTW, I think a more recent number is 0844 057 5000, but I get the same result with this as well.

Like you, I tend to have connected periodically (every 90 days in my case) on the LineOne account in the hopes of ensuring that it is kept active. Although I have to say that I've never seen anything that says that Tiscali (and more latterly TalkTalk) require such action. Freeserve (part of Orange these days), did explicitly state that one had to dial-in every 90 days to keep an account active (and I still do this for such an account as I still have a website active of the free hosting that they supplied back then).

Interestingly, I also have a Onetel dial-up account (also part of Talk Talk these days), which DOES still work. Again I dial-up every 90 days.

I've not had any problems receiving emails sent to my LineOne address (even though I know that the password does not conform to their current security specs. This might be because I don't actually login to the LineOne address as I have any emails arriving there automatically forwarded to one of the Tiscali email addresses (where the password does conform due to some changes I made just 2 or 3 weeks ago). The other Tiscali email address password does not conform either (but also forwards automatically to the Tiscali email address that does conform). BUT, I can use Outlook Express to check for email on these non-conforming accounts without any prob (of course there's never any email in these due to the auto-forwarding).

Of course, like you, I am concerned that these email addresses are going to suddenly stop operating. I've kept these addresses active to avoid having to notify all and sundry each time I change ISP. Plus I have separate addresses for specific purposes (e.g. general correspondence, online purchases, business, gumf registering on websites etc.)

Maybe it's time to switch across to using something like gmail.

  spuds 20:01 13 Oct 2011

TalkTalk have been making some substantial changes to their account systems in respect to the merging of the other companies that they now own.

Lineone customers (I hold Lineone and Tiscali email addresses) can obtain help via 0871 222 3311 (there is no charge for using this number if you have a Lineone merged to Tiscali active account).

  Muergo 19:22 14 Oct 2011

My TalkTalk broadband number I have used is 08700878045, I have no problems apart from having to hang on for ages.

I complained again about my line speed 1.6 at the best, now they are offering me optic fibre to give a high speed but want £10 a month. All I would like is the 8Mb I was promised and no price increase.

I cannot change ISP because overall it gives me the best bundle, phone calls UK and overseas 24/7 unlimited for about £25 including broadband, line rental, etc. Other suppliers only offer off peak or weekends and are more expensive.

  spuds 23:13 14 Oct 2011


The telephone number I gave is apparently for Lineone/Tiscali account holders. I believe TalkTalk account holders have a different number, possibly the one you have given.

The same applies with High Level Complaints. One is via 01438 xxx and another is via 0203 xxx.

  Muergo 00:28 15 Oct 2011

Batch, I would set up another account like Gmail before switching away from the other, but you'll still be stuck with the same ISP

  anchor 12:19 03 Nov 2011

Thanks folks for your advice. Apologies for the delay in responding, but I have been away for a couple of weeks.

The good news is that today I tried to connect using my previous number and settings, (with the new password), and all went well. I have connected without problems.

  Batch 19:21 10 Nov 2011

Yep. Just tried mine again now as well (with the older number) and seems to be working fine again now.

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