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  [DELETED] 00:01 12 Nov 2003

Before I had XP my old PC (now u/s) had a program on it which allowed you to resume large/time consuming downloads each time you logged on

I need to have something similar as I need to download a driver which will take over two hours - but my provider logs me off after two hours!!

Can anyone recommend such a program?!


  [DELETED] 00:06 12 Nov 2003
  spuds 00:27 12 Nov 2003

Freedownloader click here

Metaproducts click here

  [DELETED] 00:57 12 Nov 2003

the posted links are sound,but can i ask you what driver your after and from where? (it's a large driver/over two hours)

If its a graphics driver download,important you do not mess up even with rollback with Winxp.

Is there anyone with a broadband connection who may be able to help you (close to home) to copy it to CDR for you to then run or save to your hardrive for to open.

  [DELETED] 09:27 12 Nov 2003

Stardownloader is an exellent download manager. It does its job well and importantly, doesn't contain spyware/adware like most other programs.

GANDALF <|:-)> has provided the link.

another good program is Freshdownload click here

  [DELETED] 09:35 12 Nov 2003

My own personal favourite is Meta products Download Express. It too, is not spyware or adware. The new version can be obtained free from here:

click here

It is the fifth down the list.

  [DELETED] 19:10 12 Nov 2003


I'll try one or all of these.

The download is from Belkin for a Bluetooth dongle. I already have a driver as supplied with the (non Belkin dongle) but it's not a lot of good.

I am trying to sync a SonyEriccson T610 with Outlook (and have been doing for 3 weeks now) and apparently the Belkin software is a good alternative.

Not counting any chickens mind!!!

  [DELETED] 23:47 12 Nov 2003


Don't know if I'm being dense here or what...

Tried 3 of the above and non of them seem to recognize that they are supposed to be used when I attempt the download.

If I paste the URL in for the page for the Bluetooth software

click here

it just downloads a manual.......

If I click on the download link it opens in the ordinary manner....

Wish I knew what the old one I had was! This just seemed to work in the background. It didn't speed downloads up but it did allow you to pick them up on other sessions..

Oh well, keep plugging away!

  Stuartli 09:06 13 Nov 2003

Try FreshDownload (click here) which works well for me.

  [DELETED] 19:25 14 Nov 2003

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wronghere - and I'm sure I must be doing SOMETHING wrong..

I've tried all the alternative downloaders kindly suggested above, and can't get any of them to do the deed!

The problem is, using the URL in my post above (on the Belkin site) simply downloads (in about 2 seconds) a user guide for the USB dongle. It WON'T download the actual driver. If I click on the download button, in the hope that whatever downloader will take over, it basically reverts to the usual windows download dialog.

I'm going to have to give up soon! It's driving me nuts, and all I really wanted was the driver! I'll have to bite the bullet and go for the full TWO HOUR download, and hope it completes before I get logged off!!

Btw, if I get my old PC going and find the name of the download software I had on there, I'll let you know!

  [DELETED] 19:36 14 Nov 2003

Don't know whats wrong but this is the 15 Mb file your after i think??

click here

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