Restricting XP

  jcotton 21:25 07 Nov 2005


If I had 3 machines all running XP Pro and all connected to 1 server how would I restrict the machines. I know you can do group policies but after I have restricted them someone "less techincal" wants to look after these 3 PCs. Is there a program out there that is an easy to use very user friendly program that does the same as Group policies. Maybe something with a nice GUI and has loads of different options with tick boxes?

  jcotton 22:16 07 Nov 2005

something like click here any more?

  Splork 22:48 07 Nov 2005

Same sort of thing here click here (cick XP Utilities, XP Security Console), fewer features but free.

  jcotton 07:47 08 Nov 2005

That is the sort of thing I am looking for but the only problem is with that anyone can run that program and enabled all the stuff again. Any more ideas?

  Splork 11:11 08 Nov 2005

a; `hide` the program under a different name in the Windows folder - just bring up a run box and type your `secret` name, it will pop up.
b; create a password protected executable from it with WinZip or similar compression program
c; put it on a floppy, or usb drive

  jcotton 16:35 08 Nov 2005

OK thanks alot love the program but does not totally work on XP pro sp2. Splork do you or does anyone else have a similar program with maybe the has a little my features as well

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