Restoring from XP Pro Backup to new Hard Drive

  Christ40 04:30 13 Oct 2004

Can you help?
My trusty PC recently crashed. I had made a full backup the week before with a recovery disk using the backup facility in XP Pro.
The recovery disk did not work – in fact the PC wouldn’t go beyond starting to boot up and then re-cycling the boot constantly.

It went back for repair and has had a new (and larger) hard drive, a new mother board and a new power supply so it, to all intents a new PC.

My query is, is my backup of any use at all? If it isn’t, what is the point of a backup if you can’t restore from it after a crash such as this.

I hope the answer is yes because I had so much software installed (things like Norton downloaded from the web) and all records of the purchases etc. were on the PC that crashed. Sod’s law. I have not lost all of my documents though – they were all kept on a separate hard drive and are fine.

I have had various advice. From it won’t work, to it will and various expressions of caution about even trying. So I am in a dilemma. Do I try? Is there any damage I can do? Is it likely to work?


  hillybilly 08:35 13 Oct 2004

Not quite the same situation but, it has never worked for me when ever I have changed a motherboard on a pc with XP installed I have always had to reinstall XP. Ithink you could well mess up the new install by trying to install your backup. That would leave in a posistion of having to start a new install all over again.

  keith-236785 11:48 13 Oct 2004

Best thing to do is to re-install windowsxp, then try to read the restore disk you made. You might be able to restore the imprtant stuff without doing a full windows restore.

either way, with so much new hardware you will probably have to phone microsoft to activate, each time i have upgraded a winxp machine it has never liked the upgrade and i have had to re-install windows.

other option is to restore the backup to a different drive and dual boot (two winxp's is possible i think)

good luck

  Christ40 12:53 13 Oct 2004

I wish it could be as simple as it should be (if you know what I mean) but it never is.
Next time I will keep all the exe files and the details completely separately. You live and learn!

  Micro-Man 13:14 13 Oct 2004

One thing that would probably be needed is to reset the Volume ID the same as the now defunct hard drive. I have made a point of using a program called volumeid from click here and recommended by PCA previously, to set all mine to known values prior to registering XP. That way there should be less problems if you need to restore.

Sadly you cant find your old id's now that the HDD is dead.

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