Restoring Win ME from HDD

  yogibear 06:52 10 Feb 2004

I want to restore windows fromm the HDD, don't want to have to do a format and reinstall, so I go to search, enter setup, and look for:


When I double click it, the setup screen loads, but then I get a message saying I haven't enough conventional memory to run setup.I am then referred to the setup.txt on the restore CD for further info, but I can't find anything about freeing up conventional memory.

I have a Celeron 900, with 256 mb RAM, 2 x HDD (80GB and 60 GB-80 is Master with 13 GB free space).

If all fails I'll have to wipe it and start again, but I have gone through this process dozens of times and it's usually so simple.

Any advice please?

  Diodorus Siculus 07:42 10 Feb 2004

What is running in the background? Try to ensure that there is nothing running that you don't need.

Also empty all temp folders, including the internet cache.

  ^wave^ 08:10 10 Feb 2004

dont you have a restore disk that either lets yourestore from a partion on your h/d or cdrom

  dth 12:04 10 Feb 2004

what are you trying to achieve?

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