restoring tiny computer with XP disk

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 20:12 30 Oct 2004

hi all,can i use my windows XPHE disk, on my tiny computer to reformat and install with a CD i have used on my custom built,if i use the product key that came with the tiny computer,and activate windows?.its just that things have gotten so bad and there isn't a restore disk.cheers.ben

  sean-278262 22:40 30 Oct 2004

so far as i know you can use the disk so long as you clearly own a licence to use the software on both pcs it must be the same OS on both otherwise it is an upgrade.

You can install the software and use the product key number on the tiny system.

I think this is correct correct me if I'm wrong. Also I'm not exactly what your asking as your not very specific.

  VoG II 22:48 30 Oct 2004

You should be able to install it OK. The problem will be with activation. The Windows Licence is for one XP disk per machine. If you install it on another PC you will have 30 days in which to activate it. After that the sky will open and...

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 22:52 30 Oct 2004

i have a tiny computer that is mucked up,i wan't re-install windows on this tiny computer,they are both home edition,i have a product key attached the tiny machine,i have installed windows XP using the CD (OEM).and now i am asking can i use this windows disk to install windows using the tinys licencse?.cheers.ben

  sean-278262 23:21 30 Oct 2004

yes as the disk is just a copy of a master and nothing is attached to the disk to identify windows on a set machine. its all worked out through regrestration.

  VoG II 00:00 31 Oct 2004

Um, why can't you just restore it using the restore disks that came with it?

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 08:24 31 Oct 2004

"its just that things have gotten so bad and there isn't a restore disk.cheers.ben"

  Gongoozler 10:42 31 Oct 2004

Surely if you're using the same disk to install XP on 2 different computers, you will have problems with activation. I don't think the product key for a restore disk will work with a full XP disk, but trying cant do any harm. Otherwise new XP HE OEM is £62 click here

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 12:59 31 Oct 2004

thanks for your help,the product key on the tiny computer is a genuine key i don't think it is a restore key,but still i guess a new windows XP oem will have to consider.cheers.ben

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