Restoring previous registry startup

  johnem 12:10 08 Jan 2003
  johnem 12:10 08 Jan 2003

Hello gang, it's snowing outside and the puter has decided to go on strike, well almost. System running W989SE, started up this morning but decided it would carry out scandisk. System stsrted and then displayed "device file missing etc C:\Progr 1\Norton 2\Nisdrv.vxd missing. Press a key.
Followed this request, system started and apperaed to work, then reported the registry checker had found a problem and would re-start puter. OK. This reset registry back to whenever, causing changes to dial up numbers etc. Corrected this and tried to uninstall NAV2003, could not run unistall either from control panel or NAV programme file. Re-installed NAV from CD. Still same error message on start up. Unistalled NAV, still same fault on start up.
I seem to remember seeing a comment some time ago about being able to restore to a previous date, something about within the last five days. Has anyone got any ideas. Sorry this is along saga, but you all know me, I don't do things by half measures.

  LastChip 12:35 08 Jan 2003

Boot up with a system (startup) disk into DOS. If you don't have one, start into Windows, and then use the Shutdown option, to Restart in DOS. At the DOS prompt, type;

scanreg /restore


Note the space between the g and /

Scanreg will run and offer you the last five good backup registries to resore from. Dates; US style; mm/dd/year. Choose a date when your system was working properly and select restore.

  johnem 12:35 08 Jan 2003


  johnem 12:44 08 Jan 2003

Last chip, thanks for that info, have tried that, puter runs but displayed information re various symantec and Norton .vxd missing. Ho hum. Would it be wise!! to delete all other references to Norton in programmes files? I realise that this is a bit drastic.

  LastChip 12:56 08 Jan 2003

Go, Start; Run; and type;


Click on Registry, and select "Export Registry File". Export the registry as a backup to a destination of your choice.

If things go pear shaped, you can always import this back, and be no worse off than you are now.

Now select File; Find; and type in the box Norton; click on Find Next and let the tool search the registry.

When it finds a Norton key, delete it, but make very sure you read the key and confirm it is a Norton entry. DO NOT touch any other entries. After the first key has been found, press F3, and the search will continue. Delete each entry as it appears. Finally you will get a message that the registry search is complete.

Now restart the machine, and hopefully Norton will have disappeared!

  johnem 14:15 08 Jan 2003

LastChip, thanks for the further info. I have carried out your suggestion and also deleted all of the Symantec entris at the same time. Now suffering from RSI!! Have restarted puter, no error reports and it appears to be working. Will take a snapshot of the registry before installing NAV this time!! Many thanks. No snow now.

  johnem 14:21 08 Jan 2003

LastChip, with your permission, I will print out your help for future reference. Thanks.

  €dstow 14:32 08 Jan 2003

Before you install NAV again, consider using the forum favourite, AVG. I'm a recent convert after McAfee problems and am more than satisfied with it. click here


  rawprawn 14:43 08 Jan 2003

Definitely consider AVG, I had problems with Norton & changed to AVG & I am well pleased. Another point though [email protected] not sure that typing Norton into the regedit find box will clear it all out, try typing symantic as well.

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