Restoring a PC to its shipped condition

  DonnyB 15:48 12 Aug 2006

Have 2 PCs - one running win95, the other XP. Intend giving the Win95 to a charity, the other to a neighbour's grandson for schoolwork. How do I ensure that no files or personal stuff is/are still on them, i.e. remove all trace of my usage - registry??? - pse.
(have now found the Win95 Disc - but the XP came without a disc).
Tks for help.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:00 12 Aug 2006

Win 95 PC - just format the drive and reinstall win95 and give them the CD and license number with the PC.

Win XP - what type of machine? is XP installed on a hidden partition? F11 on boot up on some machines operates the restore to factory settings option.

  DonnyB 16:22 12 Aug 2006

Tks Fruit've propably gathered I am totally ignorant on all this. with the Win95...just how do I format the drive, pse?

The XP - bit unsure what you's a PB tower imedia - not now sure of capacity etc. Again, if you could say in very very simple English a step by would make an old man very happy. The grandchild knows more about these things than I ever shall!!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:40 12 Aug 2006

Boot from a bootable floppy (you can make one in win 95 copy sytem files to disk) but better to download one from click here

Using the boot disk
At the A:\ prompt type format c: and press enter.

This will wipe the drive. then insert the cd type d:

if that doesn't work then tpe E:\ you should then run setup from the CD to reinstall win 95.

  DonnyB 17:06 12 Aug 2006

Tks a million...have done the boot disk (had prob with the "original" but got the one next to it. Will try that on the 95, and await your expert adv on the XP one...again tks a mill.

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