restoring ITunes from IPod

  stuw64 12:16 14 Oct 2009


did a search and could not find anything on the above.

I don't know if the above is possible or not - haven't been able to find out from a web search.

The problem is I've lost my ITunes library - well music really. I bought an external hard drive (cheaper option than new computer) as the HDD on my puter is small and space was running out.

However, after I transferred my music to the externjal hard drive - 4 months later - it decides to pack in and lose my data (yes, I know, I should have backed up - but.....brand new hard drive, etc. Anyway, can I use my IPd which has all my muscic to restore my ITunes library or am I stuck?

I got a mate to retrieve data via donwloaded recovery software, but have lost all the directories and original documentation lablelling and i'm not sure i can resotre my ITunes from this data anyway as the music is coming out as MPEG 4 video for some reason.

If you cn help, that would be great. Thanks


  2neat 12:31 14 Oct 2009
  oldbeefer2 16:24 14 Oct 2009

Thought that had solved my problem, but the free download will only transfer 10 tracks. Might be worth paying for it though, unless anyone knows of a freebie.

  ^wave^ 17:19 14 Oct 2009

go tp ilounge look there in there tutorials

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:41 14 Oct 2009

click here will explain but you need to read the whole of the article, as there is some faffing about involved.


  stuw64 20:23 14 Oct 2009

Thanks to everyone who responded so quickly, patricularly to Gandalf.


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