restoring internet connection - renewing IP addres

  mco 19:19 07 Apr 2005

We're on bt broadband, 2 pcs and a couple of wireless laptops. All fine but the children's pc has lost its connection - it says 'limited or no connectivity' and when I click on 'repair this connection' it says it cannot, because it cannot renew the IP address. I'm stuck! Everything else and everyone else's is fine - please help - children are fed up of being told off!

  CurlyWhirly 19:27 07 Apr 2005

Hi. You wouldn't by any chance be on AOL would you?
If not I can't help, but if you are on AOL they recommend downloading a small patch to fix this.
Go to 'live help' for further assistance.

  CurlyWhirly 19:27 07 Apr 2005

Oops! Should have read your post properly.
You are on BT broadband. Sorry.

  Lionheart ? 19:31 07 Apr 2005

This any help click here

  mco 21:55 07 Apr 2005

Tried downloading the hotfix - but still the same error message - very frustrating! I shall have to read through all the stuff about IP addresses and DNS and default gateway none of which I really understand. I'm not aware anyone's altered anything and I can't see how/where I can reassign an IP address to the pc myself

  Maughan 22:25 07 Apr 2005

I have just bought a Compaq laptop to complement my PC. I bought a Belkin wireless router/modem and a Belkin wireless network card. The PC is connected via ethernet cable.

I am fairly sure [?] that all the new components are properly installed and set up.

Although the laptop had a good wireless connection whenever it was first turned on and within range, as soon as the signal weakened and was lost for a second or two, I could not get the connection back - with exactly the same message/result that you describe.

I have cured it (I hope/think) by manually ascribing an IP address to the laptop (shout if you need instructions on how to do that). Now, although I still have some signal-strength issues in my house [surely the signal shouldn't drop when I am only 30' away and 1 floor down in a normal house...?] I always get a connection again automatically as soon as the signal strength improves.

But... although I have internet connectivity, the laptop cannot network with the PC's shared files ("You do not have permission to access [network name] etc"). Strangely, the PC can network with the laptop's shared files. But that is another story. I am happy to have shared, wireless internet connectivity for now!


  mco 10:57 08 Apr 2005

I've manually ascribed an IP address to the pc along with all the other stuff it needs - and now it tells me it's connected and there's no problem - except -er - I can't get the internet!

  Yoda Knight 11:07 08 Apr 2005

You could try the following Dos commands:

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
ipconfig /flushdns
netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt
ipconfig /registerdns

  Yoda Knight 11:19 08 Apr 2005

errr, those WERE on seperate lines....

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /renew

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /registerdns

  mco 14:01 08 Apr 2005

will just try that now - I did do something with ipconfig before and amongs all the blurb I didn't understand it said 'media disconnected ' which must mean something? Am on the verge of having to spend pounds phoning the bt helpline which will be fruitless anyway, so any suggestions are gratefully received. Tried system restore - no difference. And have now inadvertently reverted to 'limited or no connectivity'

  mco 14:03 08 Apr 2005

er - which one do I type in?

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