Restoring hard drive with disk image

  GraveMind 11:07 07 Jan 2013

Recently, I had a problem with my samsung laptop's screen. Samsung said they would fix it, free of charge, but I was told that the hard drive would be wiped, before they installed a fresh copy of windows 7 and shipped it back to me. I've been looking into ways of keeping all my data and programs, as I've spent a lot of time customizing the way my Windows 7 looks.

I got a copy of acronis true image, and created a complete disk image of my hard drive, and stored it on an external hard drive. (I have also backed up the data separately, just in case)

My question is, when I get my laptop back, will it be as simple as installing acronis again and restoring the image, or is there something i've missed out?

  xania 11:11 07 Jan 2013

From my experience with this software, YES!

  Aitchbee 11:41 07 Jan 2013

Before you restore your laptop with your custom backup image, make sure you save the new hard drive's contents ie. when you switch on / boot up your repaired laptop, for the first time ... just in case you hit a snag!

  lotvic 13:21 07 Jan 2013

Good advice there from Aitchbee, first thing to do is make an image of the new harddrive.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:49 07 Jan 2013

The one and only time I needed to restore from an acronis image took 20 mins to having my machine exactly as it was before the problem.

Boot with the rescue media (CD) point it to the image file and sit back and wait until it finishes the restore, as simple as that.

But agree with Aitchbee make a new image of the new drive (make sure the image has a different title than your old one).

  GraveMind 16:13 08 Jan 2013

Thanks for the advice

I created a rescue CD just in case, and when I get it back, I'll be sure to create an image of the new install.

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