Restoring files from tape in windows xp

  Neil-175883 08:05 05 Apr 2005

I have 3 pcs all windows xp pro and 1 pc also windows xp pro with a dat drive i want to be able to backup files and restore to different locations.

At the moment i can back up files from a different pc to the pc with tape drive however if i want to restore to a different location i get the message restore completed some skipped files and looking at the report it's says i dont have the relevant permissions.

My network is wireless and each machine has zone alarm.

i have configured the zone alarm to accept the ip address of the tape drive pc

however if i restore to the tape drive pc then copy onto the target pc bu copy and paste this works.

i am somewhat confused

many thanks in anticipation

  Michendi 23:37 05 Apr 2005

1. Do the network communications between the PC's work as expected under normal circumstances? Can you send files in both directions between the 3 PC's and the dat drive PC without any issues?

2. Have you disabled the XP Firewall? If not, decide which Firewall you want - XP or ZoneAlarm - and then disable the other one.

3. Are you logged in as Administrator? A Standard User, as defined by XP, does not have sufficient priveledges to perform a Restore.

5. Do you have any encrypted folders for a user other than the user that is trying to perform the Backup? Even an Administrator cannot Restore an encrypted folder to another user account. (This makes sense otherwise encryption would be rather useless).

  Neil-175883 08:10 06 Apr 2005

Many thanks for email however the 2 pcs that i have tried it on so far only has i account on them which is Administrator.

I have disabled zone alarm to try however to no avail.

However i have been advised that there are some controls within the back up program with regard to restoring to different pcs however i cannot locate these can you advise whether this is true and where they would be situated.

many thanks

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