Restoring factory settings on Toshiba Portege

  EmilyH 18:41 15 Apr 2009

Hi, I've been given a second hand Toshiba Portege for my studies by a family friend. She hasn't kept any discs or anything helpful, just the laptop and the power cable. The laptop runs really slow and has no antivirus sotware so I'd like to restore the factory settings. I've tried deleting files and programmes but it's not helping. Does anyone know how to restore the factory settings? I don't think there is anything on there that I want to keep, I can't use it at the moment and I haven't paid for it, so I wont be any further back if it doesn't work. I've done it before on an Acer laptop and thought that you just press F11 on start up? That hasn't done anything so far?
Once I've reset the laptop, I'll put on AVG. OS is XP.

  MAJ 19:03 15 Apr 2009

Give us the model number of your Toshiba Portege. Have you tried tapping F8 on startup to bring up the advanced startup menu? It might give you a "Repair Your Computer" option. If it does, then the restore to factory settings option is usually in there. But give us the model number anyway, to be sure.

  EmilyH 19:15 15 Apr 2009

Model number for laptop is PP200L-00001. I'd appreciate any help, and a step by step guide for a dummy! I'm a computer user not an expert! Thanks

  EmilyH 19:19 15 Apr 2009

I've tried the F8 on restart and I've come up with a few options - not sure what to go for:

Safe Mode
Safe mode with networking
Safe mode with command prompt
Enable Boot Logging
Enable VGA Mode
Last known good configuration
Directory services restore mode (Windows domain controllers only)
Debugging mode
Disbale automatic restart on system failure
return to OS choices menu

  (~oo~) 19:24 15 Apr 2009

It needs the toshiba restore disk.

the manual is click here

  MAJ 19:34 15 Apr 2009

As (~oo~) says, EmilyH, you need the recovery disks from Toshiba. None of the options you have listed will help.

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