Restoring CDRW files

  Ojoao 21:20 15 May 2008

OS XP Home.I have a backup of My Docs & my Favourites on a CDRW. I cannot restore because they are Read Only? How can I restore from the Cdrw or wipe it clean for reuse?

  Technotiger 21:29 15 May 2008

Hi, CDRW is just about the worst medium for storing back-ups. With the Disc in the Drive you can right-click on its icon and choose Format - or in Nero you can choose to wipe disk.

  Technotiger 21:31 15 May 2008

PS - I should have said - in Nero you can choose to Erase disk.

  Technotiger 21:32 15 May 2008

The best medium for storing back-ups is a USB External hard-drive - using Acronis True Image to make the back-up.

  brundle 22:51 15 May 2008

Copy the files to a new folder on your HD, right click the folder you just copied everything into, select Properties, untick Read Only.

  Totally-braindead 23:01 15 May 2008

As brundle says, if it works. I have to agree with Technotiger, RW disks are no use as backups, they just aren't stable enough. I no longer use them as I found a few weeks or months later some or all of the data on them was unreadable.
Better to use a R disk rather than a RW and create a multisession disk and then you can add till its full.
Even these can fail though so I recommend making 2 disks and checking them every couple of months. That way if there is some problem you immediatly make another copy off the good one.
Hard drives are good for backups too but even they can fail.
You can get paranoid about things, I suppose it depends on how important the backups are.
If they were absolutly essential IE if my business depended on them, then I would copy to an external hard drive and to two seperate CDRs as well. A bit OTT perhaps but not if its business files that you cannot continue trading without.
I have nothing like this on my PC but I do have my photos and they while not essential to my well being are irreplaceable, hence I have them backed up onto two seperate CDR disks.

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