restoring backed-up data

  palinka 18:24 27 Mar 2004

My elderly neighbour had his computer checked by the local retailer for a posible fault.(He didn't back anything up before taking the pc into the shop) No fault found. But now it's returned to him with his ISP connection (Tiscali, PAYG) seemingly deleted and a mystery folder "Backed-up data" on the desktop.
What should he do with the "backed-up data" to restore his pc to how it was before; not just the isp connection, but everything else in the backed-up data folder.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:39 27 Mar 2004

What is in the folder called "backed up data"? Is it stuff he needs? And what format is it?

As for the ISP connection, he can easily create a new one - all he needs is a username, password and telephone number to dial, all of which he should have.

  palinka 20:12 27 Mar 2004

Backed up data contains Several sub-folders: Desktop(empty), Favourites, Local Settings(empty); NetHood; Recent; SendTo; Templates; User Data.

Some of it is stuff that he never uses.It looks as if the answer may be to drag the useful ones to the desktop; does that sound sensible? And delete the stuff he doesn't use?

Thanks for the advice about isp connection.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:19 27 Mar 2004

Yes, that sounds sensible; beter still, put it on a CD-r and forget about it unless there is something on it that he needs.

Nothing there, experhaps the favourites, is of any great value.

  palinka 21:26 27 Mar 2004

Thanks very much; I didn't want to delete anything that might be important, but I'll go ahead now and get it sorted. Mnay thanks for your help.

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