restore xp?

  kakellie 23:29 09 Dec 2004

is there any program to delete everything on current installation of windows xp except for windows xp it self and neccesary drivers.

  ACOLYTE 23:33 09 Dec 2004

add/remove? if its installed it should be in there.

  stalion 23:35 09 Dec 2004

Do you have a xp cd or a oem version?

  kakellie 00:03 10 Dec 2004

niether it came preinstalled on a hidden partition i would have to pay £59.99 for a instalation cd thats not a copy of xp its a oem liscense i was just wondering if i could restore my pc to a reasonable out of the box condition without having to shell out any coin i could if i was so inclined purchase a dodgy copy of xp but i've always purchased legal software and if it isn't possible to reset windowd xp i will purchase a full license. Add and remove programs is ok but i want my pc running as if not as well as close as when i
bought it

  Cook2 00:31 10 Dec 2004

After you've used add/remove to get rid of the programmes you don't need click here to get rid of any rubbish. You may have to run the 'Issues' tab two or three times until it showns 'no issues'.

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