Restore of Vista from supplied hidden partition ..

  Heefie 14:42 15 Sep 2008

I have an Acer Aspire 5100 laptop which got it's knickers in a twist yesterday and needed Windows Vista re-installing. However, no CD was supplied and the option I was actually given was : Did I want to restore to Factory Defaults.

Now I hate having my Data on the same drive as my OS, and although I have a D: drive, my C: drive is massive, way too big just for Vista and a few applications. If I was to use some software to partition the C: drive down to, say, 20 Gb & reformat the remaining 50Gb as an E: drive, what would happen if (when !!!) I have to "restore to Factory Defaults" again ?

Will it load Vista to the C: drive, and leave my E: drive alone, or will it reformat my C: & E: partitions back into a single C: drive, as per the original Factory Default ?!?!?

  DippyGirl 15:20 15 Sep 2008

Dont know about the Acer Setup but when I used the recover disc I built I went back to what was shipped - tried this just after I got the box to check what would happen before I started using it. I would guess you will end up back with a massive C: drive and no E: partition.
I used Gparted click here to re-partition as I couldnt get the vista ptn below 120Gb using its own tool - because of in-use files. Now down to 30Gb and anything that isnt a program or OS is on another ptn.
I Image the C: drive to a backup ptn, so I am hoping the need to go back to factory settings will only be if I take a huge hit or have to replace the HDD

  tullie 15:37 15 Sep 2008

Unfortunately you should have made a restore disk when you first booted your computer,how big is your "massive"drive?If its only 70gb,then its only small.Can you do a system restore to before all went wrong,and then make a restore disk?If you have a partition named Data,i would say that this is where your restore partition is.

  Heefie 15:51 15 Sep 2008

DippyGirl, thank you, unfortunately that was what I was expecting, I hate Microsoft !!! I'll use Gparted to add my extra partition, thanks for that as well. I've got Acronis TrueImage on my main PC, so maybe I'll use that to put an image of my C: drive onto one of my External drives ... if I do that every week or two, it would surely be better & easier restoring from that than going through all this rigmarole again !!!

Tullie, yes, I appreciate that 70Gb is not a "massive" drive, I meant it is "massive" in the context of a partition size if I only want my operating system on it, which is the case. I would imagine 20Gb will be ample if I only want Vista and the few applications that don't allow me to specify an alternate destination.

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