Restore USB Pen drive partition

  rosko999 18:32 18 Jan 2007

While restoring XP on a PC I left my USB Pen drive connected (silly me) and deleted the partition from it.
I only realised this after I had restored the files on the PC.

The pen drive will now not work. I know I've lost the files that were on it (luckily they weren't important) but how can restore the partition on it so that I can format it and make it operational?

Thanks in advance for any help

  PC Bilbo 18:54 18 Jan 2007

If XP recognises the pen drive,find it it by clicking on "My Computer", right click on the icon for the pen drive and select Format.

In other words,format it just like you would a floppy, but select FAT16 (or FAT32).

  ed-0 20:03 18 Jan 2007

Right click my computer > manage > disk management.

Look for the drive in the right hand window, right click and pick new partition.

  rosko999 11:26 19 Jan 2007

Sorry for the delay in responding, I got called away.

Thanks for your relies but I'm no further forward.

PC Bilbo
I cannot format because it says there is "no drive installed" despite it showing in the list of removable storage.

I do not get any options for partitioning displayed in the menu.

Any further suggestions/ideas?

  Hawy 11:53 19 Jan 2007

What drives are shown in 'Disk Management'?

  ed-0 12:04 19 Jan 2007

" I do not get any options for partitioning displayed in the menu. "

As Hawy

does the drive show in disk management and if it does. What does it say about it. Are there any options.

  cycoze 12:14 19 Jan 2007

do you connect the flash drive direct or through a hub, if through a hub try direct.

With the drive in, click on `start` then `run`, type in Sysdm.cpl and click on `ok`, you should now see the System properties box, click on `Hardware` then `device manager`, scroll to the bottom and open the + to expand the USB Controllers Tree, look for `USB Mass Storage Device` (make sure first you have no other usb mass storage attached, ie; external hard drive etc), right click on `USB Mass Storage Device` and click on `uninstall`, close everything, remove the drive and re-boot, once back into Windows try the drive again, XP should pick it up again and install new drivers.

  cycoze 12:24 19 Jan 2007

Can you try it first in another machine (friend or neighbour) if it is picked up by another machine it proves the problem lies with your machine, if it is not picked up then the drive is probably the problem.

  rosko999 14:01 19 Jan 2007

cycoze was correct - it was connected through a hub, connecting direct solved the problem and the drive is now partitioned and working again.

Many thanks indeed for all your responses, once again this forum has come to my aid.

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