Restore & Updade not working

  Halfbeat 16:05 23 May 2004

I wonder if you could shed any light on this little problem? Both System Restore and Windows Update have stopped working. I’m not sure if they both failed at the same time though nor am I sure when they stopped working. They have only partly failed in that restore lets me create a restore point but it’s gone at next boot up, and Update notifies me that there are updates available but if I click on Download Now, nothing happens. I’ve tried disabling Restore and re-booting but again at next boot up all restore points have disappeared. I have over 62GB of hard disc space left so it’s not short of storage space (disc space usage set to max). Both are definitely indicated as working in System properties as they should be (and under Services in Administrative Tools).
I am using XP Home and no error messages appear to suggest anything is amiss. Would installing SP1 sort it out? I have Norton Anti-virus, Zonealarm and Spybot installed so I doubt it’s a virus/spyware of some sort. Any clues gratefully received.

  Diodorus Siculus 18:06 23 May 2004

Installing SP1 may help, but not necessarily...

try the system file checker



sfc /scannow

Or try going to and see if you can install the updates from there.

  Halfbeat 18:54 24 May 2004

Thanks for the advice Diodorus.
I forgot to mention in my original post that I can download updates by going to the Windows website with no problems.
Running SFC was interesting. After a while it paused and a message came up titled Windows File Protection and stating- Files required for Windows to run properly must be copied to the DLL cache. Insert the WindowsXP Professional service pack CD.
Two points here, I have WindowsXP Home not Pro, and I don’t have the CD for Home either (the ones that came with the computer are a joke). Any idea what that all means.
By the way, I had wondered what had happened to SFC in XP, so that’s answered that question.

  Halfbeat 14:50 27 Jun 2004

I got fed up with this and decided to try Go Back. On installation it couldn't find the required 4000MB only about 3050MB. Odd, as there's about 50GB spare. Anyway I let it use what it could find but on re-booting windows wouldn't load and I couldn't start in safe mode or go back to the last good configuration. I used windows repair to sort it out (which meant buying windowsXP as the resore disc is only any use as a beer mat). Presumably because windows was damaged in some way this mucked up Go Back. Just a little warning if anybody is thinking of installing it on a less than perfect system. All seems OK now that windows has been re-installed.

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