‘Restore’ problems – help!!

  Housten 18:46 14 Oct 2011

Good afternoon,

I am starting this as another thread rather than go back to a previous one. Some of you may remember that I asked about how to stop my long boot up time and the problem I had with adobe’s flash player, and that I was thinking that I would have to do a ‘Restore’. Well I have been working on the computer this week and it occurred to me when I tried to confirm that I had IE9, that perhaps that was the problem. So this morning/afternoon I have downloaded [ eventually ] and then tried to uninstall it, with no luck so I thought that I would try installing the newer version. It wouldn’t let me! So I was then forced into a ‘Restore’. I had one or two ‘alarms and excursions’ whilst this was happening, but it does seem to have worked [ ?? ]. I upgraded my Avast! Free and then did the windows upgrades that I ‘appeared’ to be missing. However never having done a ‘Restore’ before I have now come across some problems that I desperately need help with, and I am hoping that you good people have the answers I need!

The first problem concerns ‘Revouninstaller’ which I thought I would use to uninstall all the programmes that I wish deleted. I still had the download of the programme that I had done, but had not actually installed, at the date at the date I chose for the ‘Restore’. So I tried to install it but it wouldn’t do so. Does anyone have any idea of what I have done wrong to cause this not to install? This is quite worrying as there are several other programmes I want to install but if I get this sort of re-action from my computer I will be well and truly mucked up! [ Any ideas/answers will be very gratefully received! ] I then downloaded it from the internet again, and got the same result. I get to the point, within the installation sequence, where I have to choose which directory it can be installed into, but it falls over every time. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

The second problem concerns programmes that I deleted after the ‘Restore’ date. I tried to delete them – again - with ‘add/remove’ but it says there is one of their files missing so it can’t be done. Would I be right in thinking that what I have to do would be to manually delete the programme and then let a registry programme cleaner [ say Ccleaner ] go through the registry and clean it up or should I download the file from the internet, install it and then uninstall it. My worry is that if the programme is already there on my hard drive is there the chance that the programme will not reinstall?

My third problem concerns my LaCie USB portable drive. I remember someone who had a similar problem, and spent some time [ admittedly only about an hour ] on the web site trying to find their query and the replies. What happens is that after I plug it in, it appears on the ‘Safely remove hardware’ icon, but not in Windows Explorer. I thought I remembered the way to get it seen was to go to Device Manager and then Disk Drives. Well I have done that without any luck. Does anyone remember how to get a drive seen, please!

The fourth problem is one that I am not too sure about, at all. I thought I had installed IE9 before the ‘Restore’ – but now it appears to have been afterwards, as I have IE8 back, although it does seem very slow. [ But I suppose that could be my computer’s fault, or the speed I am getting from my ISP ]. This is something I am not entirely unhappy with! Two points have happened; the first is that the rubbish dialogue box from adobe seems to have disappeared and the second is that my email layout has returned to normal! So my query is : should I try to install IE9 again – I noticed it was available to me in ‘Windows upgrades’ – or should I just forget about this and wait for IE10 – which I only heard about today – and it gets offered to me via my upgrades. Any advice would be most welcome. I am certain that there will be more questions from me later, but I think I could have asked too much in a post with all the above as it is. So I will many thanks in advance to any and all who can be bothered to give me help and advice as well as any opinions that are given as well.

  Housten 13:09 15 Oct 2011

Please, can no-one help me. This is driving me nuts, and I do need to get it sorted, so any help is welcome!!

Many thanks in anticipation.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:28 15 Oct 2011

Would I be right in thinking that what I have to do would be to manually delete the programme and then let a registry programme cleaner [ say Ccleaner ] go through the registry and clean it up

Yes then reinstall if required - may not work for Antispy and antimalware progs that need their own removal tool. Revo may install after you have cleaned registry with Ccleaner

LaCie USB portable drive

Can you see the drive in disk management? does it have a drive letter assigned? does the drive work on another machine?

Leave IE8 / 9 untill you have sorted the other problems.

Slow boot times can be down to

  1. hardware problems i.e. bad sectors on hard drive or drive running in PIO mode or
  2. Too many programs / process trying to run at start (use CCleaners startup tool to remove or disable these.
  john bunyan 19:13 15 Oct 2011

I recntly tried to use system restore following the recent W7 updates, but it would not work. Everything seemed normal until the reboot but a message came saying could not complete the restore. This also happened in safe mode. I suspect it is to do with antispyware (I use Avira) and there are all sorts of other suggestions via Google, even suggesting an uninstall of anti virus, then a restore then reinstall the antivirus. In the end I gave up, and am resolved to use ATI images more often.Has anyone successfully used system restore with W7 and a 3rd party anti spyware?

  Housten 13:17 18 Oct 2011


many apologies for taking so long to get back, but I have been taking my time to try and get things sorted!

Fruit Bat /\0/\ LaCie USB portable drive

Can you see the drive in disk management? does it have a drive letter assigned? does the drive work on another machine?

I have tried it on my wife's laptop, and it is seen right away. I shows on my computer but only in the icon for 'add/remove hardware'. Most frustrating! Any and all advice as to how to see it would be most welcome!!

I am not sure about IE9, now! I did the 'Restore' and it sailed through, with only one or two problems, which weren't problems, I think!! BSOD appeared, when I had come back to see how it was going, so I left it and came back some time later, and everything appeared normal. I use Avast! and it needed updating, and then was then OK! I then did Windows update - I think I had 95MB to download - and install and the start is now back to what it was with a 20 second blank black screen after the 4 colours disappear and before welcome appears. I don't know if this is normal - can't remember - but I am willing to leave it as is, unless any one has an idea. I have had considerable problems installing Revo but have now got it working, and have managed to uninstall some of the programmes I don't want so I will gradually get the computer sorted out. I don't know whether my problems were caused by IE9 buy I am more inclined than not to forget it, and maybe to wait until I read/hear reports on IE10. Any one have ideas on this, I would be most grateful for any comments.

Many thanks in anticipation.

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