Restore points vanish

  bumpkin 22:08 07 Aug 2012

Hi everyone, I tried to do a system restore today but there were no bold dates to restore from apart from one earlier today, there is normally one almost every day. Apart from that it would not let me go back to July to check that either. Any help please.


  northumbria61 22:27 07 Aug 2012
  bumpkin 23:01 07 Aug 2012

Thanks for the link,I have read it carefully but the possible causes listed do not apply in my case.


  birdface 10:58 08 Aug 2012

I tried to go into system restore and it would not open or work.

I am using W/7 and after a bit of searching I found this which helped me turn it on again.

Now I know that yours is a different problem but maybe checking those settings may or may not help.

When I got it working there was only one update on it and that was for last month.

I use tune up utilities and can only assume it was that which turned my system restore off.

  bumpkin 17:56 08 Aug 2012

Thanks Buteman, My system restore is not turned off but almost all restore points disappear every now and then, usually when I want to use them. I want to set it to create a restore point every day and these not to suddenly vanish. It did not matter too much this time but I would like to prevent it happening again. I do not use "clean up" type programs very often so I doubt that is the cause. Is there some way of backing up the restore?


  Housten 13:01 09 Aug 2012

Sorry, bumpkin, I am not trying to muscle in, but having a very similar problem, 'Backup and Restore' and 'Restore Point' not working, I thought I would follow northumbria61's advice. All went well after I had followed his link until I got to the point where it said to start the 'Command' window.

I did this and got to 'C:\Windows\System32>'. I then followed the instructions to type in 'diskshadow'. I then got: 'diskshadow' is not recognised as an internal or external command, operable program or a batch file'. I then 'cd..' twice to get back to 'C:\', with exactly the same result.

I amusing Windows 7 64Bit Home Premium. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

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