Restore points. Help I don't understand this !!!

  mooly 08:15 31 Dec 2008

Posted on this a while back, I know whats going on but still don't understand it.
Single HDD split into two equal partitions C and D. Vista on the C, with the D used exclusively for running backups with Acronis.
Starting from scratch, ie restore disabled, I check the free space on both drives. I then enable restore points on the C ONLY and begin to create restore points normally. Why does the D drive free space then keep coming down ( restore points are doing it -- disc cleanup more options will delete them ) when it is not enabled for restore points on the D drive and for additional confirmation opening system restore shows that the D drive does indeed have dates of restore points against it.
It's not a problem apart from the fact that it brings the free space down on the D which I need for backups etc.
Just had a thought, as 15% of the free space on a drive is allocated, if I fill the D up with backups and then enable system restore will that allocate 15% of nothing, and get round it that way. It really puzzles me.

  john bunyan 08:29 31 Dec 2008

I would get a second HD either built in , on a caddy caddy or external, and clone the first drive with Acronis. HD 's are quite reasonable these days and one day your HD will go wrong, so a back up is well worth it.

  mooly 08:34 31 Dec 2008

It's a notebook actually, but yes that is the sensible option I know. I do back up all data to flash memory regularly anyway.
Just a puzzle that's all, no one has come up with an answer.

  ^wave^ 08:45 31 Dec 2008

if it works the same as retrospect then this is what happens it starts a backup full disk it then does incrimentals uses what space is available and overwrites data that is the oldest so you need to restore you get the latest copy and all is well

  mooly 08:51 31 Dec 2008

Hi -- I am just reffering to Vistas own restore points, not Acronis or incremental backups. Why does it appear to create them for the D partition when the D partition is unchecked in system restore ? Thanks.

  mooly 08:55 31 Dec 2008

This was my original thread, ignore the last bit of the that was a one off.

click here

  Technotiger 08:58 31 Dec 2008

It does not make sense to have your Acronis backup on the same physical disk as the OS and programs that you are backing up! How are you going to be able to use that backup if the Disk goes belly-up?

You should get a external hard drive to keep your Acronis backups on. Also, unless you have an original Acronis CD, don't forget to make a Acronis Recovery CD as per the instructions.

With a separate hard drive for your backups, Vista Restore Points will then work as normal.

  mooly 11:27 31 Dec 2008

Hello Technotiger, yes I have the original CD. I just do running monthly incrementals on the D partition. I know it's not ideal and if the HDD fails it means reinstalling everything from scratch, but it's just so useful and has saved the day on a few occasions.
The very odd occasion I have used system restore, all's been fine, although I really prefer to go back to a fully known good disk image if needed and usually do anyway.
I just want to know why restore points on the C and D partition seem inextricably linked. Why does eneabling them on the C only allow restore points to show on the D partition and consequently pull the free D free space down ?

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