Restore old iTunes library?

  Tracywt2 17:42 20 Jun 2010

Hi there,

Unfortunatley, our computer got restored back to factory settings, however a lot of files have been recovered.

I have downloaded iTunes again, and have several iTunes files in a folder. Is there a way to get my old library back? All the songs, apps, etc are in an iTunes folder which was recovered. I have tried to copy them into Program Files/iTunes, but no luck

Any help appreciated.

  john bunyan 18:43 20 Jun 2010

Sorry to hear of your problem - but sadly so many people do not make proper back ups.
I have several suggestions:
1. As you launch iTunes, keep the shift key pressed. A dialog should appear asking if you want to create a new library, or choose another. You could try switching, via windows explorer, to the old library. If this works, next time you launch, this will be the default library.
If not you could, in iTunes Music, click on File, then "add folder to the library" then find the old iTunes Music folder (not the library) and enter it.
Do come back if you like.

  iscanut 18:46 20 Jun 2010

The correct place for your tunes, playlists etc should be in

My Music, then a folder called ITunes and then within that folder, a sub folder called ITunes Music. They do not belong in Program files

  john bunyan 13:17 21 Jun 2010

Any feedback?

  Tracywt2 17:49 23 Jun 2010

I have tried to do this (1.) and when I try adding the library, it says "The file XYZ does not appear to be a valid iTunes library. iTunes has created a new library and renamed this to XYZ Damaged.itl"

  john bunyan 18:00 23 Jun 2010

In that case, try plan b!
Find your original music file - should be in My Music / iTunes / i Tunes music. In your case the original may be somewhere else. You could look for it by searching in My Music for .mp3 files.
Having found it, in your new iTunes,Click on Music, Add folder to the library, then navigate to the old folder and double click on it.It should import the old music and create a new libary.

  gengiscant 19:16 23 Jun 2010

I have just finished copying my music files/games and apps from one itunes folder to a new itunes folder.This was because an itunes update today decided that itunes would no longer open so I followed this click here to uninstall itunes. I renamed the existing itunes folder with all my stuff in to itunes old.

I then download and installed itunes click here then copied the contents from itunes old into the new itunes folder. You then authorize your PC and you should have all your files where they belong.
As I said, I have not long finished doing that and at the moment the update for my 'touch' is currently being updated to O.S.4

  Tracywt2 10:41 04 Jul 2010

I am finding it all really hard to understand what to do.

In my iTunes folder, I have several iTunes database files, previous itunes libraries, itunes music and more.

If anyone can give me a very simple step by step list on what to do, as clearly the old library and back ups of the library are still there, but not in the right location.


  john bunyan 11:46 04 Jul 2010

For now, forget the old library files.
Make a note of where, in Widows Explorer, your old "iTunes Music" folder is located. Probably in My Music, iTunes, iTunes Music., but maybe somehere else.
Then open iTunes. Click on Music.
Then click on "add folder to the library" then identify, in windows explorer, the old iTunes Music folder (not the library) and enter. This should import all your old stuff to the new library and new iTunes Music folder.
Please come back with details if not. Later on you can deal with the old stuff."adding the folder" to the library does not work, in iTunes, Music, "Add file to the library" instead, and highlight all the music folders in the old iTunes,iTunes music folder.

  Tracywt2 17:31 04 Jul 2010

John, what happened was my computer was wiped of everything, but a lot of data has been recovered.
I have done what you said, but a lot of music seems to be missing still.

Would it be easier to somehow transfer everything from the iPhone over to iTunes? Surely there is a way?

  john bunyan 19:01 04 Jul 2010

I am more familiar with iTouch, but I think that the iPhone and iTouch are similar. I notice that if you get an app or a tune from a remote computer, using your iTunes account, you can reverse synch and import such stuff.
I assume you have an iTunes account - even with those plastic vouchers you need one.
I would , in iTunes,Edit, Devices, tick the box that says "Prevent auto synch of i Phones etc"
Then when you plug in the phone you can , on each thing - music, apps etc, "tell" i tunes what to synch. When you synch, it should first import (reverse synch)the tunes etc that are on the phone but not in the music on the PC.

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