restore my computer to factory settings

  User-0153E223-4BAF-4052-A0A14DBB19BDAE1B 16:36 14 Sep 2003

i am having loads of trouble with my computer i want to clear my computer and start again from the factory settings i dont know how to do it i have tried system restore but it does not go all the way back can anyone help me
thanks keith.

  jchm 16:45 14 Sep 2003

My PC has had some major crashes and is now very unpredictable, with lots of software problems.

I'd like to format the Hard Drive and reinstall Windows XP from scratch.

Is there an 'idiots guide' out there?, coz thats what I am!


  choffe 16:46 14 Sep 2003

create a rescue disk and try that, this should allow you to restore your system to the manufacturers settings but you will need to back up any files you want to keep, cos they'll be gone for good..

thanks for the advice choffe how do i create a rescue disk.

  SEASHANTY 17:04 14 Sep 2003

Does your PC not have the manufacturers logo and "Information about your PC" listed in PROGRAMS. This Medion PC I am using does and it specifically tells you how to go back to a factory restore. Most PC's should have something similar. The exact details will differ by PC maker.

  wee eddie 17:17 14 Sep 2003

of everything you want to retain.

Did it come with any CD's? Have you an instruction book? Have you looked for any instructions that came with the PC?

  choffe 17:40 14 Sep 2003

stick a floppy in the drive click on my computer right click floppy drive format and (xp only) you have the choice to create boot disk. this'll do the trick
if not xp, most antivirus programs have the option to create rescue disk, this should work the same..

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