Restore incomplete......

  nick_j007 23:15 07 Feb 2003

Evenin' all,

Have tried a few restore points tonight on my Win XP home system and have at the end of the process been told 'Restore Incomplete'.
I have been diving back to December/January time; why is this?

Please, any ideas?

Nick Jones

  nick_j007 23:44 07 Feb 2003


  linguina 23:45 07 Feb 2003

Have the same problem. I can't restore my old back up on xp pro.


  nick_j007 23:49 07 Feb 2003

No no! Don't agree with me! Tell me it's all ok, and how to solve my concerns and that in the morning I will be feeling much better!

Nick Jones

  lacker 23:59 07 Feb 2003

Had the same problem,found if I disabled my AV it would then restore.Don't know if this will help

  nick_j007 00:01 08 Feb 2003

OK. Interesting. thankyou, will try that now!!

Thankyou very much indeedee

  linguina 00:02 08 Feb 2003

What is your 'AV'?

  nick_j007 00:03 08 Feb 2003

Hi Linguina

Norton AV.


  nick_j007 00:28 08 Feb 2003

Ok, Have tried again but with no joy. Um, am a little unsure about how to 'disable' N.AV.
Right clicked on the icon in the tool bar and went for 'Disable Auto protect'....doesn't quite feel right to me. How do I disable it then please?

With baited breath, Nick

  Ben Avery 00:31 08 Feb 2003

Disable auto protect or hit CTRL+ALT+DEL and end all Norton tasks that are running (then you KNOW it aint running in the background!)


  nick_j007 00:37 08 Feb 2003

Well thanks Ben,
At least I'm doing something right!
Any ideas on my original question though?
I must go to bed soon as god only knows how much I need my beauty sleep. Basically I'm an ugly bastard.
Will read any ideas or suggestions via email alert in the morning.
Thank you all so far for any thoughts/ideas.

Nick (one ugly mother) Jones

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