restore floppy for Tiny TI44OBXM

  nosmo 13:23 14 Mar 2006

I have the restore disk,but no floppy.If somone can help me it would be most appreciated.

  xania 13:29 14 Mar 2006

You may find that the restore disk is itself bootable, so you won't need a floopy. If you still do click here

  nosmo 17:37 14 Mar 2006

thank's have tried them,get so far then get "ERROR 88.Unable to find correct drive.
Bios setup is
Quick Boot Disabled
1ST bOOT Floppy disc
2nd boot IDE 0
3rd boot C D ROM
Anymore suggestions would be welcome

  citadel 18:15 14 Mar 2006

i have a tiny pc and it requires both the floppy and the restore cd to be loaded at the same time.

  nosmo 19:19 14 Mar 2006

It's the floppy that is missing.Tried downloading various boot disk's,but come back to same entry "Boot Failure" Insert boot Diskette in A:

  xania 08:53 15 Mar 2006

I wonder if your floppy drive is the problem. If you can still boot up your old system, do so and then insert a floppy into the drive and see if you can w=rerad it or write to it. Try a few floppies (it could be the floppy is faulty) and if nothing replace the drive.

  xania 08:55 15 Mar 2006

Just another thought. Does boot-up recognise that the floppy drive is there? If not check cables are round the correct way and firmly in place. Also try anoother data cable. Does light on floopy drive flaash during boot-up - if not suspect that power is not getting through, Check power cable firmly in place, and try another power cable.

  nosmo 17:55 15 Mar 2006

Thanks for reply.Perhaps I haven't explained properly. I have the factory reset disk,but no floppy disc to bootup with,drive is working O/K.
I tried to change boot order but still get no joy.each time disc loads so far then get
"ERROR 88 unable to find correct drive".I have trawled other posts for floppy boot discs,downloaded several but still get same error message.

  Dipso 21:27 15 Mar 2006

There's a couple of sellers on Ebay. One says he's a former Tiny Shop manager. They're selling various restore discs. Search for "Tiny Reload" Maybe they could help you?

  nosmo 23:06 15 Mar 2006

Thankyou, will have look.It appears there is a hidden partition on this P.C.that needs a boot disk before backup CD will run

  terryf 01:03 16 Mar 2006

You have never said what version of windows you are trying to restore, as a last resort you could reload windows from a Msoft CD then you could boot up from this.If successful you wouldn't need the hidden partition

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