Restore Factory Settings - Windows 7 - Asus

  Ms Ladybird 13:40 11 Dec 2015


I have an Asus Notebook which I bought second-hand & already has Windows 7 pre-installed. I recently had a virus on there which I can only partially remove so would like to restore it to its original factory settings, but however many times I hit the F9 key either by pressing several times or holding it down when the Recovery Partition screen appears instead of it saying "Windows Setup (EMS Enabled) press Enter" all it says is "Windows 7!" I have been trying to do this every day more or less for nearly 2 weeks therefore any help would be much appreciated.

Please be aware I am not technically minded whatsoever, also I am unemployed and my laptop is my lifeline so cannot afford to replace anything should it go wrong. If there was to be anychance of that happening I would rather put up with this virus & leave things as they are! It just feels so frustrating when I have read & seen YouTube videos of this working plus doing it this way is in my user manual yet it's not working for me.

Many thanks.

Ms Ladybird

  lotvic 15:02 11 Dec 2015

First see if the Hidden restore partition still exists. Look in: click on Start Globe, rightclick on Computer, click on Manage, Storage, Disk Management, and wait for the righthandside pane to display your Hard drive partitions.

I found this: click here f9 to get into the factory restore menu. I gather that sometimes ASUS has a thing called boot booster which may get in the way. If f9 doesn't work after a few goes tap F2, I think, to get into the BIOS. Turn Boot Booster off then try F9.

Ms Ladybird, If your F9 still doesn't work, post back as there are several other alternatives to try.


  Ms Ladybird 18:51 11 Dec 2015

Hi Lotvic

Sorry I should have mentioned I've already done the BIOS thing & sorted that out & it hasn't worked but I'll certainly try the first suggestion.

Thank you.

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