Restore Factory Settings on old PC running on ME .

  BrainyDead 20:30 22 Mar 2003

I am a complete technophobe who has just gotten hold of an old PC running on ME for my daughter.
It is full to overflowing with all sorts of mixed-up files and programs which I would like cleared out to return to it's factory settings.
Is this a possibillity and, if so, how do I go about it?
I would be very grateful if someone could help me out ... Thanks

  powerless 20:32 22 Mar 2003

Do you have a ME Disc?


"Recovery CD'S" with ME on them?

  powerless 20:47 22 Mar 2003

"All I have at the moment is a floppy bopot disk ... Which I haven't a clue about ..."

If you just have a boot disc then you cannot reinstall Windows ME so umm no usuable computer.

If might be possible that ME is on the Hard drive but it is done in such a way that you cannot see it.

I would try and find more about the computer and see if there is a ME disc that is with it.

Then you can start thinking about reinstalling everything.


It's best if you post on here rather than the email then everyone can see it and can offer advice.

  leo49 21:02 22 Mar 2003

If the c:\Windows\Options folder is intact[should be about just over 300mb]then one can copy/burn these to CDR and then install Windows utilising them and a boot disk.[Having got your Product Key number from the registry,ie from

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/software/microsoft/windows/current version


  powerless 21:46 22 Mar 2003

"Is it pos to buy an ME disk from a computer shop, uninstall the one in the PC, and then re-install from the disk?

If this is possible, would it also clear all the clutter from the PC?

I would like it to be as empty as is viable to be without screwing it up altogether ..."

If you look around you could buy Win ME. You can uninstall ME if you want to, infact you can wipe the drive clear, with nothing on it. I think this is what you want? From this you can reinstall ME...

You wont screw it up but you may need what are know as DRIVERS...

Windows will use generic ones but the manufactures will release new and improved ones. You could have some troulbe as you do not have any CD's for the hardware in your machine.

However Windows me is a little old so if you wish you could go to Windows XP, much better than ME. But XP needs your computer to be up yoo handling XP. You can download an upgrade advisor or install of a disc this will tell you if the computer is up to it.

I would try and find all all the dics first though.

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