Restore drive image

  Dalglish2 22:36 15 Apr 2010

befor my laptops hard drive failed I made an image using Acronis. I would like to transfer some photos and Photoshop programme onto a slave drive on my desktop.
How is it possibleto achieve this without restoring the whole contents of the laptop image?
Many thanks

  Zeppelyn 22:45 15 Apr 2010

You dont say which version you have but its done using the Restore Wizard where you can select whole drives or individual folders and files.

  mgmcc 23:42 15 Apr 2010

Acronis lets you "mount" an image, so that it appears in your computer as a separate drive. You can then "drag & drop" or "copy & paste" files in the same way as between any other locations in the PC.

The image can also be mounted in a different PC in order to access files from it.

  lotvic 01:21 16 Apr 2010

You won't be able to transfer the Photoshop program using "drag & drop" or "copy & paste" if it is an installed program.

  Dalglish2 20:53 16 Apr 2010

Thanks all. Disappointing that paid for programme installed on the laptop cannot be transferred tithe desktop. Or is it just drag and drop that won't work?

  john bunyan 21:02 16 Apr 2010

You don't say which Photoshop progamme. Acronis will "let" you restore programmes on your computer if, for example, a drive fails. Your Photoshop is licenced for one computer so you have to uninstall it from the laptop and reinstall it on the desktop - Adobe has a procedure where you re register it on the new PC.
The same applies to most programmes if you want to reinstall on a second computer.

  john bunyan 21:04 16 Apr 2010

See here , and phone Adobe for help if needed.
click here

  AlanHo 09:12 17 Apr 2010

Most programs, when installed in Windows, deposit files on your hard drive in various places and make a number of entries in the registry. To run this software, it must have access to all the files and registry entries originally created.

It is not possible to simply copy across the software files from the Programs folder to another computer - this would omit the files for that program within Windows and the entries in the registry.

This is why you have to reinstall the software from the original installation file(s) or disc.

Acronis will restore software back to the same computer - but only if the whole OS is restored at the same time from the disc image.

As stated above - Acronis can also be used to restore selected files and folders - but using this feature to restore software will generally not work.

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