restore disk on to new hard drive

  peter-1441755 11:54 23 Apr 2010

Hi I have an e-system laptop3086 which had a problem with the hard drive I have installed a new one 160GB from pc world I tried my back up the laptop with the back up discs that we made but one had a problem so I connot load to the new hard drive I have tried and loaded a back discs from samsung note book the laptop is working? but I need to know if the restore discs can reload back to factory setting but how will I save and keep windows xp? these discs have said I will need windows to do this can anyone help.

  ame 14:17 23 Apr 2010

I don't mean to be rude, but I'm afraid your post is verging on the unintelligible. Exactly what have you loaded onto the new hard drive in your 3086 laptop, and from exactly what discs?

  Sea Urchin 14:24 23 Apr 2010

The restore disks could only be used to go back to factory settings on your original hard drive. The new drive will not have the hidden partition containing the restore program.

Or do you have two laptops? I'm not very clear from your posting.

  ame 14:47 23 Apr 2010

Sounds like he may have used XP recovery discs supplied with a Samsung laptop to install an O.S. onto the new drive in the 3086 laptop, but could well be wrong!

  ame 14:56 23 Apr 2010

...and if he's been backing up to discs that implies the 3086 had Vista on it, not XP.

  peter-1441755 09:49 24 Apr 2010

Hi I only have the one laptop 3086 when I switch on it come up with PC Angel system recovery or Microsoft windows xp home editon this one works?
The disc I used was from a samsung note book back up discs which is working but is not the same?
I know that both are xp and not Vista.
Is the hidden partition to do with the pc angel that come up?

Iam a bit unsure on these thing any help is a plus so Thank you all.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:14 24 Apr 2010

eMachines uses PC Angel to recover the computer to its original state. It is actually a good piece of software,
if you recover to original state you will lose al your data ie.. photos documents emails etc.

You cannot use disks from another machine the drivers will not be the same.

  peter-1441755 11:14 24 Apr 2010

Hi thanks for your help but if in buy a reload or back up disk will the pc angel make it work? when we got the laptop we made back up disks we have tried but one had not worked so we cannot use them to back up the system the pc angel asks to put in a back up disk?


  mgmcc 11:32 24 Apr 2010

What do you actually have installed in the Laptop now? I have a Samsung Laptop running XP and the supplied recovery CD is actually a full Microsoft copy of XP *except* that it checks for Samsung hardware.

If you've managed to get a basic installation of XP into the Laptop, you should be able to get any necessary additional drivers online - graphics, sound, network adapters, modem etc.

  peter-1441755 11:33 24 Apr 2010

Hi can I now go to restore factory setting with the pc angel with the new hard drive which is fitted in my laptop?

  peter-1441755 11:37 24 Apr 2010

Hi with the samsung disk a lot of the keys are not the same? but the laptop is working but not all the drivers? I have a new hard drive in my laptop from pc world.

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