restore disc or oem disc

  cracker23 20:49 04 Feb 2003

can anyone tell me which of the above i would get if i purchased a pc from Dell please?

  Lú-tzé 22:07 04 Feb 2003

The last one I saw was an OEM of Win2k. Not sure nowadays.

  woodchip 22:12 04 Feb 2003

Restore no other

  grove34 22:34 04 Feb 2003

they dont supply OEM cd's anymore , it cost them too much.

because you only get a restore cd or floppy you have to be careful , if you intend to use either of these then DO NOT format your hardrive at all because the files that these cd's or floppies access are stored on your hardrive , just let the restore cd or floppy deal with the formatting part.

if you use fdisk or format your drive these files may get wiped and your restore cd will be less than useless.

  preston 22:54 04 Feb 2003

you may get a win xp disk and not a restore disk. my sister got one with her pc.

  preston 22:55 04 Feb 2003

oh yeah. why not just ask them

  woody 00:57 05 Feb 2003

"you may get a win xp disk "
Are you sure ?I was told by Dell they only supply the limited use Cd (restore)and that can only be used on that Dell comp.If you change OS later the one you have just paid for is so much scrap.They may have changed since i was told - oct 2002.

  « Ravin » 03:40 05 Feb 2003

i just got a dell a few months back and they gave an oem cd of windows xp. it was a full operating system disc and not a restore disc.

i think that yes it can only be installed on that particular computer alone since it is locked to the bios of that computer. but one advantage to that is you can reinstall xp as many times as you want without having to reactivate each time .

i tried installing it on another computer and it worked and the setup completed but i chickened out when it asked me to activate! incase then after words i wouldn't be able to install it on my dell.

  « Ravin » 03:42 05 Feb 2003

the dell forums are an excellent place to get info about dell systems. tons of posts and users.

i hope it wasn't against the site policy to post that ? if so i apologise.

  cracker23 08:01 05 Feb 2003

thanks everyone for your replies i decided to order one from them anyway-should be here in a few days.

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