Restore deleted software

  Mrs S 16:42 01 Aug 2006

Have deleted a programme '602 Suite' because I now use Open Office. However I had a lot of information on 602 Tab (spreadsheet) which I really need. Deleted the software in "Add/Remove" programmes in Windows XP. Is there a way of getting it back please.

  woodchip 16:46 01 Aug 2006

Sorry NO but your docs may still be on the Drive. If you press the Windows Key and letter E it starts Windows Explorer click on the + by the letter C:\ at the top then look in Program Files for the Folder of the Program as this may still be there. If you are on XP your files may be in another place

  woodchip 16:49 01 Aug 2006

If you can remmember the Exact name of one of the files, Go to Start button Search then type the files name in search make a note of the path to where the file is in Windows Explorer. You should then by following the path find your other files

  Jaro 16:50 01 Aug 2006

what about system restore ? it could work

  woodchip 16:55 01 Aug 2006

Yes that is possible if the program was not removed too long ago

  Diemmess 16:59 01 Aug 2006

Caution:::: System Restore is a one way street!

I would stick with woodchip's methods. You might be able to find the data files somewhere and save them in a new folder for that purpose.
If you do, then Open Office might oblige by opening, or you could install 602 suite once more and direct it to your "safe" folder

  Jackcoms 17:01 01 Aug 2006

This seems to indicate that it's free download click here

Download and re-install?

  Mrs S 18:18 01 Aug 2006

Many thanks for the suggestions. Windows Explorer has not helped. and had already tried looking for '602 tab without success. but dont know exact path. Dont want to reinstall 602 Suite just want the data that was in it!

Thanks anyway

  Diemmess 19:34 01 Aug 2006

The data may have been in the same folder as 602 and if so, it has gone.

Sometimes a program is known by one name and found on the computer by another.
e.g. if you were looking for Nero the basic references and folders are called Ahead.

So download and save 602 for later, but right click on the file and using Properties, see if you can find another name for it and search on that. "Software602" seem to be all can find- try that in Start > Search.

  phono 19:41 01 Aug 2006

Free deleted file recovery software here click here

Remember the more you write to the HD the lesser the chances of recovering your files become.

  Belatucadrus 19:43 01 Aug 2006

The other potential problem is data format, if the spreadsheets have been saved as Excel then you're OK, if they were saved as 602 spreadsheets, chances are you'll need 602 to open them anyway.

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