Restore Corrupt Photos?

  zander8 22:10 03 Mar 2011

Good Evening All,

In the pub two nights ago a friend asked if I could help her with the following problem and, not being able to suggest anything, I thought I would ask the learned members of this forum. Also, I hope I’ve remembered this correctly. Her computers hard drive was playing up and appeared to be on its last legs and so she therefore copied her collection of photos over to an external hard drive. After the transfer some photos were okay but a lot were corrupt, just a thin strip, some of which were at the top, some at the bottom and some in the middle. Also, some were just blank grey boxes. Right clicking the corrupt images and selecting properties give the correct information for these images i.e. type, size, date taken, etc etc and so seemed to suggest all the information was there to rebuild the image. She took the knackered hard drive to a local computer shop but they couldn’t do anything with it and so she binned it. Is there any way the correct images could be restored from the corrupt ones?


  iscanut 22:31 03 Mar 2011

Is this article any help ? click here

  zander8 23:33 03 Mar 2011

Thank you, that looks interesting. I'll pass your suggestion on.

  Dragon_Heart 01:10 04 Mar 2011

It's for memory cards but MAY work on the original HD.

Download Link click here

  zander8 23:42 04 Mar 2011

Thanks for your post, I'll pass it on though unfortunately the original hard drive was binned.

  Dragon_Heart 01:01 05 Mar 2011

Hope you wiped it ?

  morddwyd 08:03 05 Mar 2011

I used a very good free programme kast year to recover several hundred mixed jpg and bmp from a corrupted external drive.

Can't remember the name at bthe moment (I'm on another computer) but I'll go through my records.

Check back later today and I'll try to post a reference.

(I got my reference from this forum so you might like to do a search)

  Graham. 16:55 05 Mar 2011

Try Digital Image Recovery click here

  morddwyd 20:09 05 Mar 2011

Original PCA link

click here

I think this is the same one that Graham recommends.

  zander8 21:33 06 Mar 2011

morddwyd and Graham.
Thanks for your help and sorry for the delay in posting back. First chance I’ve had to get back on the computer since my last post. I’m passing everything on and will post back when I find out if the lady has had any success.

I don’t know if the drive was wiped or not.

  zander8 22:32 03 Apr 2011

Good Evening,

Sorry for the delay wrapping this post up. It took a while to try out the various suggestions due to the lady having a health problem. She had no luck whatsoever and has now given up. Thanks to all who offered help.

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