restore cd

  mrlucky 09:20 26 May 2006

been having a few problems with pc lately(kids)so thought would have a clean install via restore cd rom.e machines 170.the cd doesn,t seem to be able to boot into restore program.gave it a clean so with other pc problems suspect file corruption somewhere.any ideas on what i could do.

  mrlucky 10:02 26 May 2006

thanks for getting back pattoo.went into bios,highlighted boot from difference.i expect now that the cd rom maybe corrupt too.just tried a music cd that,s ok.i want a clean install as there,s other problems..cheers for helping.what next?.

  rawprawn 10:07 26 May 2006

"went into bios,highlighted boot from cd"
you need to save that setting if you want it to work, all bios are different but mine asks if I want to save the changes. Also when you say "highlighted" does that actually change the setting?

  mrlucky 10:09 26 May 2006

thanks rawprawn.i,d better go back and check.

  mattyc_92 10:14 26 May 2006

With more moden BIOS', you can normally press "F10" on your keyboard to get the "Exit and Save Settings" dialog, but as rawprawn says, all BIOS' are different

  mrlucky 16:34 26 May 2006

thanks for nudge in right direction rawprawn..i had,nt set boot from cd properly in bios.yep mattyc the f10 is exit and save.thanks too pattoo,there was a lot of head stratching going on.the pc was in a right state,now it,s been restored it,s like having a new pc again.once again well done all and thanks.resolved ticked.

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