restore backup files onto new hard disk or pc

  dawooksta 14:28 09 Feb 2013

I'm usually not to bad at solving PC problems but I can't find a satisfying answer to this. Like many, I keep a lot of precious photo's and family vids on my pc. Recently my hard disk died - totally. I had used backup to backup files to a usb external drive so no worries right? Well I bought a new hard drive, reinstalled and then found I couldn't restore my files because backup didn't recognise me as the authorised owner. I got most back eventually but it was incredibly time consuming. It seems to me windows back up is only good if you loose a couple of files but can't deal with a restore to a new hard drive or new machine....which is precisely when I'm most likely to need it! I'm now copying and pasting my user folder to the USB regularly but as this is not an incremental backup it takes ages.
Can anyone recommend a good back up which can restore files to an entirely new machine if necessary?

  Chronos the 2nd 08:46 10 Feb 2013

I use GoodSync Pro to back up all my files to a NAS drive. My operating system and programs are on a 128Crucial M4 SSD and all the My folders (Music,Documents,Pictures and Videos) are on a secondary 1TB drive which are then backed up to the 1TB NAS drive but this could easily be any external drive provided it is permanently connected.

I also use Dropbox which again syncs my Documents and pictures as I have around 22GB of free storage.

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