RPM1975 13:16 16 Nov 2006

Just been through an absolute nightmare over the last 24 hours resulting in me having to do a clean install of all my stuff and wiping the entire contents of my hard drive.

So that I dont have to do this again, has anyone got a simple yet effective way of protecting myself against this in the future. I have a Western Digital Caviar HDD 250GB which I have partitioned off in 40GB and 210GB drives C and E. My C drive will be used for programs/apps, drivers and all the necessary bits and pieces to run the PC and the remaining storage will be used for Games, Photos, Music and other personal matters. I luckily managed to save much of my previous stuff but fear that if this happens again I will lose everything. Can anyone assist in newby language.


  anskyber 13:19 16 Nov 2006

Try Acronis, it remembers every thing including settings and OS. It is best done to an external HDD for safety but it can be done to a single drive. click here

  RPM1975 13:26 16 Nov 2006

Does windows not have a package which does the same thing as part of XP

  rawprawn 13:34 16 Nov 2006
  anskyber 13:37 16 Nov 2006

XP pro has a back up program. XP Home needs to have it installed from the retail CD its in the Valueadd folder, then the Msft folder, then the Ntbackup folder. Click the Ntbackup icon to install.

But after that you still need somewhere to back up to. Backing up to the sameHDD is not a good outcome if the HDD fails.

  brundle 13:43 16 Nov 2006

Don't know if this is still current, but Acronis were offering version 7 free a while back;
click here

  freaky 13:46 16 Nov 2006

Windows XP Home has a Backup program, but it is not installed automatically.

Instead you have to run the XP CD and select it from a list, it will then load.

As anskyber states above, you really need to install all backups of your HD to an External HD.

If your HD fails and has to be replaced, then it's just a matter of restoring from the external HD.

A cheaper method is to backup to a CD or DVD, but overall an external HD is the best solution.

  RPM1975 13:49 16 Nov 2006

That's a good point. Lets assume I have a further drive (which I think I will get on recent experience) or say 100GB internal or external. I install as normal and assuming the data/programs etc I want to protect are 50gb in total will I be making an EXACT replica of this therefore taking up 50GB of space in my new drive? If my master drive fails, how then do I get back to my original position? Is everything reainstalled by the Acronis Software so that I dont have to do a thing?

Sorry for the many questions but as I have not had this issue before not had to deal with it.

  freaky 13:59 16 Nov 2006

Using Acronis True Image, you can make backups of your HD. You can also create a Clone which is an exact duplicate of the drive.

Therefore if you create a Clone to an external HD, and then replace your oringinal can then Clone from the external to the new HD. All your programs, settings etc will be installed.

In fact I had to do this recently because my HD was failing.

If you do this then Microsoft may request you to validate XP.

  Diemmess 14:35 16 Nov 2006

You can store as many IMAGES as you have the space for on the "storage device"
But -
You can only have one image at a time RESTORED to a Drive because Restoration will wipe all previous data off in the process.

The crucial thing is the size of the operating system with all its apps and personal tweaks.
Small is best - because it is most easily backed up, stored and if necessary -restored.

That is why it helps to keep all data and everything which doesn't have to be integrated with the operating system on a separate drive. In fact anything like data can be copied quite simply to some other place for safety. For example a folder on an external HD or even on CDs or DVD.

  n4165si 15:01 16 Nov 2006

to rawprawn
can you insert recovery disc supplied with the computer or does it have to be an oem xp disc to get the backup feature .as the manufacturer states that you have to refer to them prior to using this disc.

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