Restart problems in Win XP pro

  User-C4444F00-74EA-4130-B2F800468B21EA4D 10:10 03 Jun 2004

Recently I have found out that when I click on the restart button I get a full shut down instead. Is there some setting that I need to alter?

  alansabout 10:51 03 Jun 2004

I have been having a similar problem with xp home although it is intermittent, I suspect a motherboard fault. I will be looking with some interest at any response you get

  tomleady 11:02 03 Jun 2004

do you have a restart button and a shut down button? or do you have one main main power button?

if you right click on the desktop, and go to properties > screensaver > Monitor Power > Advanced > power buttons.

you can change what the button(s?) do.

sorry if thats not the case with your problem.

I have one main power button.

The buttons (icons) in question are those which appear when one is trying to close down: Start > close > shut down/restart/etc.

  Fruit Bat 17:16 03 Jun 2004

Try adjusting Power management settings, can sometimes affect the way XP shuts down /resets.

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