restart problem XP

  a member 21:03 08 May 2003

Every time i try to restart XP it appears to go into standbye instead, the hard drive activity stops and the monitor shuts down.
it doesn,t seem to make any difference if windows does it (after update) or if i do it manually it just keeps doing the same thing.
if i hit the reset button it starts upas normal ie. no scandisk.
can anyone help, GEEBY

  hugh-265156 21:07 08 May 2003

go to controlpanel/poweropyions/advanced and choose when i press the power button shut down

  a member 21:32 08 May 2003

already done that, i think i have tried every possible configuration in power options . but its made no difference.
does anyone know if there is a setting anywhere to stop xp from ever going into standbye?

  researcher 22:26 08 May 2003

merlinx, don't know if this will help as you say you have tried all options in power options, but hear goes:

I had problems when I fiddled with these and ended up with things ok with (in power options):
turn of monitor - 20 mins
turn of hard disks - never
sytem standby - never

make sure you do NOT have enable hibernate ticked.

Sorry for the spiel if no help.

  hugh-265156 22:27 08 May 2003

under power schemes select home office desk and below select turn off monitor/hard disks/system standby select never.might also want to try hibernate and turn off too.then check under display screen saver and select none.thats all i can think off.

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