Restart instead of shutdown

  slydog 01:22 23 May 2003

Hi all just started getting a prob with my new installation of Win MEAll was well, untill I changed a faulty Modem and tried to load a copy of AVG from a PC disc. The PC crashed badly (blue screen of death)Now the modem works perfectly, AVG of course did not install, but now when I shutdown the PC it Restarts instead. The only way to stop it is to turn of the mains power switch before it reboots.
I've checked the previous postings on here and non seem to help. Ive tried a system restore but to no avail, as all of the restore points result in a message that the system can not be restored from this point, try another. Could this be because the hardware config has changed when the new modem was added?
Will refitting the faulty modem allow me to carry out a restore? Anyone got any ideas please.

  slydog 13:53 23 May 2003

Not had any joy with this so far anybody out there got any ideas.

  hugh-265156 13:58 23 May 2003

try completly removing zonealarm click here;jsessionid=2OZ97CHruat28GswEt1BqkvyweJZUsRVjTGU217g3VgO3GlqzkOj!-307947718!-1062696904!7551!7552!-1980385004!-1062696905!7551!7552

  slydog 14:29 23 May 2003

Thanks for the response but I dont use this m/c for the internet much so haven't got Zone Alarm installed

  hugh-265156 16:17 23 May 2003

apologies misread avg know?:-?
do you get an error on screen when this happens if so what does it say?am unfamiliar with ME,does it have event viewier?if so check here for clues.

avg requires that you enter the code correctly for it to never works for me when typed but if cut and pasted from the email that grisoft send you then it works(case sensitive)

  slydog 13:40 27 May 2003

Thanks for the reply huggyg Sorry for the delay in replying had to zoop off for the weekend you Know (Aint life cruel).Yep your right I'm a fan of AVG I reckon it's darn good value but in this case it's either a duff CD or CD Rom or both. Since I didnt even get to the Installation screen get to soon as clicked on the setup file I got the blue screen of death. Tried a couple of times with the same result. Death!!!
I've used this CD to download from before but not on this M/C.I have got another CD with AVG on it, so I will give that a try when I have solved the Restart problem, just in case I can't solve it and have to ZAP the lot and reload windows again. I've just downloaded some restart applications from and will give them a try, in the abscence of any other suggestions.

Thanks again

  Switcher 13:56 27 May 2003

This might seem obvious but when you click on start>Shutdown does the dialogue box which comes up have SHUTDOWN or RESTART highlighted

  slydog 15:04 27 May 2003

Hi Switcher
Yep definately has "SHUTDOWN" selected when turning off.


  VoG™ 15:30 27 May 2003

Some ideas click here

  slydog 01:47 28 May 2003

Thanks VoG tried most of these solutions, only one yet to try is BIOS/CMOS settings will give this a try tomorrow. Many thanks for the link. Have also now tried various shutdown/restart applications from but no joy they all work well enough, but unfortunately do not prevent the restart.
Cheers slydog

  edkny 02:16 28 May 2003

when the pc reboots press ctrl until you see the menu where you can choose safe mode. go to safe mode then uninstall the modem and avg. restart your computer to normal boot. then shut it down. if it shutdowns properly then we may have conflict with the device driver of the modem and/or the installer of the avg. try to install them one at a time and see how the computer reacts.

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