response time on lcd's

  flyingbrit 20:14 02 Oct 2005

yes i know there's loads of stuff out there about this,but there seems no definitive there anyone out there who uses an lcd monitor with a slow response time(20ms or more)for gaming?if there is can you actually see the diference in the display? in motion blur.... at the moment i'm using a sony trinitron 19" monitor, however it's getting a little long in the tooth now (my son really gives the games some stick...but if it comes to that so do i!!!) and it's begining to show some wiered horizontal lines on the display and it's looking as though i'm going to need a new one shortly.therefore i'm considering my options. any thought would be appreciated. britsdad

  microswift 20:56 02 Oct 2005

I have an lcd monitor with a 25ms response time, I wouldn't recommend it for gaming as it displays some blockiness during gameplay. I think for smooth gameplay 16-20ms is required.

  MAJ 21:06 02 Oct 2005

"I think for smooth gameplay 16-20ms is required"

Even that might not be good enough for some of the latest games, try and get closer to the low end of 12 - 16ms.

  Thalmus 23:22 02 Oct 2005

Yeah, your going to need 16 ms at the most, anything less than that is a bonus.

You can get 19" LCD monitors with this type of response time for about £200

click here 12 ms

click here 8 ms

  GaT7 23:48 02 Oct 2005

& if price is not an issue:

Viewsonic 19" VX924 £299 click here

Viewsonic 17" VX724 TFT LCD £225 click here. G

  PC Bilbo 09:26 03 Oct 2005

When comparing TFT response times you cannot rely on a bald statement from a manufacturer as there is no universal industry benchmark.

Different manufacturers base their millisecond readings at different settings so you will have the bizzare situation that a TFT with a stated higher resonse time will either be no different or not as good as another with a lower response.Also, if you have 2 players using one screen, viewing angle may be relevant.

You either need to compare a detailed spec or better still see one working(much the best as visual acceptability is a subjective thing)

  flyingbrit 14:23 03 Oct 2005

so basically what it seems from here and elsewhere,the best way to guage what a monitor performs like is to take a look at it myself,and not to bother too much with the technical side of things......the only trouble with that is you can't what a monitor performs like over the internet.........ah well....thanks for all your input.........britsdad

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