"A response has been posted.." now working?

  Simsy 16:02 23 Apr 2004

Like others it seems, I haven't been getting the emails advising of a response to threads I had started. I hadn't complained because others had mentioned it and I assumed it was teethign troubles with the recent move of this site to new server...

Well it seems to be working now... I have just received, all in a single hit, about a dozen of the emails that go back for a week or so.

It seems they were being generated, based on the dates of them, but they were just in some bottleneck. Now it's working again, (I assume for all?), brace yourselves!



  Indigo 1 16:28 23 Apr 2004

I'm going to untick the box then as I haven't had a single email response to any of my postings as yet, and I have over 12 pages of them !

I don't want to be bombed with all them outdated responses.

  johnnyrocker 16:30 23 Apr 2004

seems to be working here


  Lionheart ? 16:32 23 Apr 2004

Received 12 response emails from 5 days ago :)plus 5 from today.

  Curio 17:39 23 Apr 2004

Just had 27 in my InBox. Obviously back to normal

  Forum Editor 19:01 23 Apr 2004

We had a mail-server problem, and it was a complicated little devil. It's sorted now, so the mail should flow normally.

  Simsy 19:17 23 Apr 2004

as "complicated little devils" go, I suspect it wasn't something with the highest priority of late...

Nevertheless, it's nice to have it working again. It makes a big difference when you're on dial up!



  Forum Editor 19:29 23 Apr 2004

I could write a book.

  end 22:58 23 Apr 2004

thanks F.E. have just had a whole stack come through......it seems that no one is immune from computer glitches...even them what same runs the forum.......

  Rtus 23:08 23 Apr 2004

its not always the servers though is it .. sometimes down to what Coms network its using. at least we know your on its case when needed ,so sites back up ASP ,thanks for that .I still get totally disconected at times. They were supposed to re route my line after tempory repair 2 yrs ago but as usual it works once a week so thats fine..the power lines are as bad..Now theres a moan..
I dont use the email response to any thread I post as I visit dayly to monitor thread.

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